How To Get Rid Of spiders In Your Car In 7 Easy Steps

Spiders in the car are scary. Their very sight can make you think twice about getting inside cars.

Spiders get inside cars for many reasons. And one of those reasons is shelter.

This guide will reveal why spiders get inside cars, their hiding places, and how you can safely eliminate spiders in your car.

You’ll also find out the simple and easy hacks that you can use right now to keep spiders and bugs away from your car.

And a lot more. Keep reading.

How Do Spiders Get In Your Car?

Spiders enter cars for one reason – to hide in a dry and warm place.

That’s why most spider invasions inside cars and homes occur when outdoor weather is too hot, too cold, or wet.

Spiders are great crawlers. They can sneak inside cars and homes through the thinnest gaps and cracks.

Some of the most common entry points for spiders to enter your car are open car windows, gaps between the car door and floor, and cracks in the hood.

Where Do Spiders Hide In Your Car?

In the car, spiders can hide inside air vents, inside the side view mirrors, underneath the dash, and below car seats.

Spiders hate the engine vibrations. And they gravitate towards places where there’s less vibration.

While driving, spiders can move to places like on the car’s ceiling or at the back seats of the car to escape those vibrations.

How Long Can A Spider Live In A Car?

Spiders In Your Car

Spiders can survive inside your car long enough if conditions support them.

Those conditions are the presence of bugs and pests inside your car.

Dirty cars are always a haven for pests like ants, carpet beetles, and roaches.

Food stains and food crumbs inside cars draw these pests. Plus, unhygienic conditions in cars attract bugs.

These bugs emit pheromones that spiders can pick up from a distance.

Spiders, natural predators, will follow the scent of pheromones from your car to hunt those insects. 

However, if you clean your often and keep it bug-free, spiders will not enter your car as long as the entry points are sealed.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Car?

Getting rid of spiders in your car is an easy task. All you’ve to do is to declutter your car, clean it, and ensure that you take measures to keep spiders away.

Here’s how to do it in seven steps –

Step#1 – Declutter And Vacuum Clean Your Car To Remove Waste and Other Spider Attractants

Vacuum Cleaning Car's Interiors

Spiders love clutter and dirt. That’s one of the reasons why they chose your car as a hiding place.

So, to begin with, declutter your car. Remove anything and everything that you don’t need in your car.

Clutter inside your car isn’t just a hiding place for spiders but also invasive pests like German roaches and carpet beetles.

Then take a vacuum cleaner and clean your car’s interiors thoroughly.

If the seat covers, the car carpet, and other fabrics in your car are dirty, it’ll be best to take them off and wash them in warm water.

Washing will remove the dirt and stains in them, so they’ll not attract bugs and insects.

While cleaning and decluttering, you may encounter a spider or multiple spiders.

You can even come across spider egg sacs.

Use the vacuum cleaner on them to remove them. But don’t try to handle the egg sacs or the spider.

At this point, the spider will be defensive and fiercely aggressive. Handling it will result in a nasty spider bite.

Step#2 – Seal Gaps And Cracks In Your Car From Stopping The Spiders To Sneak In

Believe it or not, there are some cracks and crevices in your car that spiders can use to sneak into your car.

Find those cracks and seal them with a good quality rubber sealant.

Check if the rubber seals in other areas of your car are in good condition. 

If they’ve gotten weak, replace them with fresh rubber seals.

You’ll find many of these crevices on the car’s floor, at the back of your car’s backseat, and in other nooks and crannies inside your car that need sealing.

Find those spots and seal them. Sealing them will close off the entry points that spiders and bugs can exploit to get inside your car.

Step#3 – Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Spiders Hiding In The Gaps

Now it’s time to hunt down the hiding spiders.

Though vacuuming can eliminate most spiders, some tiny baby spiders might have escaped the vacuum cleaning and hiding in the tiny gaps.

Diatomaceous earth is a great and very underrated spider killer.

All you’ve to do is to spread some diatomaceous earth inside your car. Scatter it around in the inaccessible corners of your car.

Diatomaceous earth gets inside the body of the spiders and kills them by dehydrating them.

Bugs have moisture locked inside their bodies. The moisture is critical in keeping them alive. Diatomaceous earth dries up the moisture inside the bug’s body, causing the bugs to die.

Once you’ve sprinkled diatomaceous earth, close the car doors if they’re open. And leave it for an hour or so.

Now, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the diatomaceous earth and dead spiders.

Make sure that you clean all the corners. Chances are that there are dead spiders inside those hidden corners.

One thing to keep in mind is that use food-grade diatomaceous earth. It’s safe for humans and pets.

Step#4 – Use Chlorine Oxide Car Odor Eliminators To Kill Spiders

Another ingenious way of removing spiders from your car is to use a chlorine bomb for spiders. It’s a chlorine-based car odor eliminator made of chlorine oxide.

Chlorine oxide is a safe chemical for you and lethal for spiders.

The chlorine odor eliminator not only removes the stink inside your car but is also a spider killer.

Some people call it a chlorine bomb for spiders because it spreads gas just like any other car bug bomb.

The gas spreads into every corner of the car, including places like headliners, seat cushions, and floor mats, and it kills the spiders.

All you’ve to do is take the chlorine oxide powder in a cup and add one ounce of water.

Keep the cup inside the car for one hour. Ensure your car is inside the garage, windows closed, and it’s away from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight will warm up the car, making the chlorine bomb ineffective.

Chlorine bombs will remove all kinds of stinks and spiders from your car.

Step#5 – Use Natural Scents Of Essential Oils To Repel Spiders From Your Car

Scents of peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and citrus are natural spider repellents.

So, using essential oils of these elements work great in keeping spiders (and bugs) away from your car.

They also keep your car smelling fresh.

Use any one of these essential oils to prepare a spider repelling spray.

Take an ounce of water and pour in 7-10 drops of any one of these essentials in it. Stir it well.

And pour the repellant ingredients into a spray bottle and spray them in all corners of your car and their hiding spots.

You can also use peppermint oil spray specifically made for repelling spiders and bugs.

The acidic smell of white vinegar also repels spiders. 

So, you can prepare a white vinegar spray by mixing an equal amount of white vinegar and water and use it inside your car.

The mixture of white vinegar and water emits an acidic smell that can be discomforting for you too.

If it is, then use essential oil sprays.

After spraying the essential oil sprays, you can keep cedar balls in the storage sections of your car and the possible hiding spaces of spiders.

The fragrance of cedar is also a spider repellant. 

Step#6 – Use Spider Traps In Your Car To Lure Them And Kill Them

And finally, keep some sticky spider traps inside your car.

These sticky traps work wonders to lure any hiding spiders. Some sticky traps emit pheromones, making the spiders think there’s prey nearby.

Keep the spider traps in the tight spaces inside your car and near their hiding spots.

Leave the spider traps overnight. 

Next morning, if you see any spiders stuck on the spider traps, then take a broom, scoop it off in a basket, and dispose of the spider outside your property.

Step#7 – Always Keep Your Garage Clean And Don’t Park Your Car Near Debris

You must keep the car’s surroundings clean.

Garages are also one of the favorite hiding places for spiders because of the clutter it has.

From your garage, the spiders can quickly move inside cars.

So, keep your garage clean and ensure proper storage of equipment in your garage.

Also, don’t park your car near organic debris like broken leaves, foliage, or underneath trees, especially in cold and wet seasons.

Spiders hiding in these places can get inside cars.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Car Side Mirrors?

One of the unusual places that some spiders can hide in your car is side mirrors.

Spiders can be behind the side mirror or in the joints between the side mirror and the car’s body.

To eliminate spiders in car side mirrors, you can wrap plastic on the side mirror with the spider trapped in it.

Make a hole in the plastic and spray an insecticide-like raid through the hole. Seal the hole and leave it for a few hours. The spider will die.

You can also use spider killer sprays in places like car vents and in your car’s interior to kill the spiders.

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Sac Spiders In Car?

Many types of spiders get inside cars. 

Black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, hobo spiders, and wolf spiders are known to sneak inside cars.

Spiders like the black widow and the brown recluse can even lay eggs in places where they hide.

These spider eggs, that are in the form of egg sacs can become the source of many baby spiders inside your car and home.

But one of the most common spiders inside the car is the yellow sac spider.

Yellow sac spiders can wreak some expensive damage inside your car.

That’s why we decided to dedicate one section to it.

Yellow sac spiders prefer the car engine under the hood, which is quite unusual.

The yellow sac spiders build cocoons to lay eggs in the gaps and cavities in the engine area.

Some of these cavities are a part of the fuel vapor line. 

Yellow sac spiders’ cocoons, and webs, in these cavities, choke the fuel line.

That can cause engine damage.

To eliminate yellow sac spiders, use a strong aerosol spider killer spray in the car engine area.

Then close the car’s hood for a couple of hours to let the spiders choke and die.

Open the car’s hood and remove all the spider webs in the engine area. Use a hair dryer to eject all the cocoons and eggs from the engine area.

You can also use a vacuum clean the engine area, but as far as our experience goes, vacuuming the engine area is quite difficult.

Yellow sac spiders enter cars and homes during the fall, looking for a warmer place to hide.

So, you might notice them inside your home and car during the fall more than in any other season.

But there’s a catch. Yellow sac spiders are not always yellow. They can appear as white spiders in homes and cars.

As per experts, the yellow sac spider’s color depends on the bugs they hunt and eat most often.

How To Keep Spiders Away From Your Car?

There are a few more things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your car is always spider and bug-free.

These are –

  • Keep your clean. Vacuum clean your often. Steam cleaning is even better. Steam cleaning produces heat, and heat kills a lot of bugs, including bed bugs.
  • Avoid eating in your car. Food droppings inside your car are one of the major attractants of all kinds of bugs. And these bugs attract spiders.
  • If you’re keeping your idle for a long time, then make sure it’s in a garage, and the windows are closed.
  • Always use a car freshener. Strong smells are bug repellents. 
  • Avoid animal products like fur, wool, leather, and feathers as car interiors. They’ve got protein that attracts bugs like carpet beetles.
  • It’d be best that you also wash and clean the underside of your car. The underside of your car is where many spiders and bugs can hide.


This guide revealed why spiders enter a car and what entry points they use to sneak inside your car.

Spiders love clutter, and as long as your car is providing them the conditions to remain alive, spiders will remain in your car.

This guide laid out the steps to get rid of spiders in cars and the steps you need to take to ensure that your car is always spider-free.

But do you know that your garage can be the source of spider infestation in cars? 

Our post on spiders in the garage reveals all the hacks to eliminate spiders hiding inside a garage.