Do Roaches Come Inside When It Rains?

Have you wondered when the roach season is? Or what season roaches come out the most?

The rainy season, from July to September, is the roach season.

Do roaches get inside when it rains

Suddenly you see these nasty crawlers with their dwindling antennae scurrying around in your home.

Yes, roaches do sneak into your homes when it’s raining outside. When it rains, your house and garage are the safest places for the roaches to live.

That’s why there’s an increased rate of cockroach infestation during the rainy season.

During the rainy season, roaches enter your home from wherever they can.

Apart from the known places, cockroaches enter your home from sewer systems, gutters, bathroom drains, yard, and chimneys.

Why Roaches Get Inside Your Home When It Rains?

Roaches get inside your home because they seek dryness, shelter, and safety when it’s raining.

It’s also one of the reasons why spiders get inside your home when it rains.

Rains also cause an overflow of water in the sewer pipes and gutter, causing the roaches living there to look for any dry place to sneak into.

Sudden rise in water levels also forces the baby roaches to look for dry places. That’s why most baby roaches will pop out from bathroom drains or the kitchen’s plumbing area.

Your yard is also a place where the roaches’ dwell and build nests.

Rain causes heavy damages to their nests. It makes the roaches to scurry straight inside your home from your yard.

Rain is also one of the reasons for the roaches to enter your clean apartment.

How To Stop Roaches Enter Your Home When It Rains?

You need to take specific preemptive steps to stop the roaches from entering your home before the rainy season starts.

Because once the downpour begins, there’s not much you can do to stop them.

Here’s what you can do to stop the roaches from entering your home –

  • Clean your surroundings – your yard, garden, basement, garage, and plumbing. These are the places where the roaches mostly hide.
  • Remove any food wastes and dispose of the garbage in the trash cans. Roaches love to feast on organic food wastes.
  • If you’ve French drains, clean them up. Roaches also hide there. And it’s also a mosquito breeding ground. It’s not only the roaches that raid your homes, but mosquitoes do that too.
  • Clean your gutters. Given the amount of foliage that is common in gutters, cockroaches are likely to have nested there.
  • Take a suitable quality sealant and seal the cracks and crevices around your home’s perimeter. It’ll stop the roaches from entering your home through the cracks.
  • Seal or fill any gaps in your kitchen plumbing area. There’s always a gap there, which is the entry point for many roaches.
  • Use screen drains in your bathroom drains, kitchen sink, and bathroom sink.
  • Also, seal any cracks in your basement and garage.

How To Kill Roaches Once They Are Inside Your Home?

Some roaches will sneak into your home no matter what you’ve done to stop them.

Cockroaches are the oldest survivors of our planet. They’ve been around for millions of years. And they are better survivors than us.

But, if you take the steps mentioned in the previous section, then there won’t be many roaches infesting your home.

You can use diatomaceous earth, Listerine, boric acid, and roach sprays to kill the roaches.

You can also squish the cockroach if splattered guts don’t disgust you. But it would be best if you get rid of the squished roach body. Else it’ll attract other roaches.

To conclude, yes, roached get inside your when it rains. Roaches are one of the bugs that come out in the rain.

Roaches look for shelter, food, dryness. And to protect themselves from washed away, they enter your home.

Take the precautionary measures that we mentioned in this post to reduce and get rid of these nasty bugs from your home.

But there can be roaches even when your apartment is swanky clean. Have you ever wondered why it is so?

Check out our post on why you’ve roaches in a clean apartment to know more unusual reasons for roach invasion.

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