Roaches In Clean Apartment? – 10 Obvious Reasons You’re Overlooking

It’s a well-known fact that roaches love filth. They love to feast on waste, feces, rotting food, and many other disgusting kinds of stuff.

Many people have mailed us and asked, “why do I have roaches in my clean apartment?”

roaches in clean apartment

They say that their houses and apartments are swanky clean. Forget about garbage. They don’t even have a speck of dust in their homes.

But, to their annoyance, they find cockroaches crawling on their home’s floors, kitchen, and bathroom.

In this post, we’ll tell you the reasons behind roaches in your clean apartment.

To your surprise, some of these reasons might be beyond your control.

But if you know the other reasons, and you can take steps to tackle them, you’d be successful in minimizing roach infestation in your apartment to zero.

So, let’s check it out.

What Causes Roach Infestation In A Clean Apartment?

Untidiness and shabbiness some of the reasons for roach infestation.

But in a clean apartment, there are 10 reasons for roach infestation.

Here they are, one by one –

1. Dirty Outdoors

It’s not only the dirty living space that attracts roaches. The dirty outdoors also harbors many roaches.

Suppose the outdoor area around your apartment is dirty. In that case, there’s a high possibility that roaches will enter your clean apartment.

Roaches will sneak into your apartment for food, moisture, and better living conditions than outdoors.

If you’ve got a house with a yard, then there are chances for roaches to live in your yard. It’s from the yard most of the roaches will sneak into your home.

2. High Humidity Inside Your Apartment

Moisture or humidity is one of the basic requirements for the roaches to survive.

Suppose your apartment is old and the walls are quite moist. In that case, the humidity level inside your apartment is relatively high. It attracts roaches.

Another reason for high humidity and moistness in your home can be leaking pipes.

If you’ve got a leakage problem in your kitchen and bathroom, then it’s a sure attractant for cockroaches.

3. The State Where You Live In

Unfortunately, you can’t do much if the State where you live is known for roaches.

For example, suppose you’re living in Florida, Texas, or South Carolina, where roaches are high in numbers. In that case, getting a roach infestation is inevitable.

Palmettos in Florida are a nuisance, along with the other bugs.

But do keep in mind that states with a higher number of roaches also have significant risks of termite infestation.

4. Damp Flooring

Damp flooring is the reason that many homeowners pay attention to.

When warm air from outside comes in contact with the cold floor, it causes dampness on the floor.

If you live in a tropical area, then an AC in an apartment is quite the norm.

Frequent usage of AC keeps your floor cold. When warm air enters your home, it causes dampness on the floor.

The dampness on the floor sneaks into the gaps of the floor tiles. If it’s a wooden floor, then the moisture seeps through the inseams, causing the ground beneath the flooring to get moist.

It causes the moisture level on the floor to increase, which in turn attracts the roaches.

If there’s water leakage in your apartment, it will also increase the apartment’s flooring dampness.

In the case of houses, the home’s foundation can be damp if the groundwater level is high. The concrete of the floor will absorb more groundwater, causing floor dampness.

Remember, a damp floor attracts not only roaches but also other bugs like silverfish.

That’s why we always recommend a humidifier to keep the moisture levels inside the home under check. A good humidifier plays a significant role in various types of pest infestation.

5. Clogged Drains

Cockroach in a bathroom drain

Well, who cleans drains often?

But the drains are the most overlooked places from where roaches and mosquitoes sneak into your apartment.

If you’ve choked bathroom or kitchen sink drains, then the chances of baby cockroaches hidden inside the drain are high.

Roaches lay eggs inside choked drains. These clogged drains are full of food waste and organic wastes like human hair and nails that roaches love to eat.

So, it’s a usual to see baby and adult roaches rising like a phoenix from clogged drains.

How To Kill Roaches Hiding Inside The Drains?

You can kill roaches living in the bathroom and kitchen drains by using either vinegar or baking soda.

Boil one cup of water. Add half a cup of white vinegar in the boiling water.

Then, add one tablespoon of baking soda in the cup. Stir it well.

Slowly pour the the mixture in the drains.

The roaches, and other bugs like mosquitoes, living inside the drain will die. And the drain will be unclogged too!

6. There Are Bugs In Your Apartment That Roaches Eat

Roaches are not only garbage eaters. Sometimes they like to feast on fresh juicy bugs.

Roaches love to feast on silverfish. So, if you’ve silverfish infestation in your home, then it’s sure going to attract many a roach’s attention.

Plus, roaches like to munch on carpet beetle larvae too. And carpet beetle infestation is quite common if you haven’t cleaned the carpet for months.

7. You Are Not Thorough With Your Cleaning

Well, suppose you aren’t a meticulous cleaner who cleans every nook and corner of your home. In that case, you’re leaving many areas where roaches can hide inside your home, untouched.

It happens to the best of us. We clean only those places where we spend most of our time. We ignore areas like the attic, the storage room, and laundry room.

These dark clogged rooms are roach havens. Cockroaches love to hide there, lay eggs, and they establish their entire colony there.

And given that roaches are nocturnal bugs, it’s tough to spot their activities during regular hours.

So, it’s better to clean the often-overlooked areas of your home at least bi-weekly to minimize roach infestation problem.

8. Heavy Rains Made The Roaches Sneak Into Your Apartment

Yes, roaches do sneak in when it pours. They don’t want to get drowned.

Your apartment provides them a safe and dry place for the roaches to hide.

Check out our post to know what you can do to minimize roach infestation during the rainy season.

9. There Are Enough Gaps In Your Apartment That Are Letting The Roaches In

Roaches don’t need to knock on your door to enter your home.

A gap of the size of a credit card’s thickness is enough for the roaches to sneak inside your home.

Below are the examples of cracks and gaps that roaches exploit to sneak in –

  • Gaps between the floor and the doors.
  • Gaps between the window frames.
  • Cracks on the walls.
  • Gaps between the AC unit and the window.
  • Gaps between the bathroom exhaust fan’s blades.

You can’t seal all these gaps but make sure that you fill the cracks on the walls and the crevices in windows and doors.

10. You’re Not Disposing of Garbage Your Trash Cans

It’s good to clean your apartment daily, but it’s necessary to empty your trash cans often.

Many people, especially those who don’t spend much time in their homes, don’t dispose of the garbage in the trash cans often.

There isn’t much waste generated, so they think it’s ok to wait for the trash can to fill up before getting rid of the garbage.

Well, it’s a sure-shot way of attracting roaches in your clean apartment.

Piled-up trash, no matter how little, emits an odor that attracts roaches.

It would be best if you get rid of trash from your trash cans daily, especially from your kitchen and bathroom trash bins.

Spray a bit of anti-roach aerosol spray in the trash bin after you dispose of the trash. It’ll take away the odor from the trash bin, and it’ll also repel the roaches from your trash bin.


To conclude, here are the reasons why there are roaches in your apartment even if it’s clean –

  1. Dirty outdoors.
  2. High humidity inside your apartment.
  3. The State where you live.
  4. Damp flooring.
  5. Clogged drains and dirty gutter.
  6. Bugs in your apartment that roaches eat.
  7. You’re not thorough with your cleaning.
  8. Heavy rains.
  9. Gaps and cracks in your apartment walls, windows, and doors.
  10. Pilled up and undisposed garbage in trash cans.

Roach infestation is both a nuisance and risky for your health. You can check our post on getting rid of roaches to know how you tackle this mess without losing peace of your mind.