What Does Roach Poop Looks Like? And Why You MUST Know

Why do you need to know what does roach poop looks like?

And why do you need to find roach feces?

There are compelling reasons for it. 

If you can spot roach droppings, then you can find roach nests and places of roach infestation.

Cockroaches don’t have a specific place to defecate. They can defecate anywhere.

But you can find cockroach poop commonly in places near their food source, their nests, and their water source. 

So, spotting the roach poop gives you an upper hand in the fight against roaches. 

You’ll be able to accurately zero-in on places while you’re in the process of eliminating them. 

So, let’s answer your question….

What Does Roach Poop Looks Like

Cockroach droppings or roach feces identification isn’t a challenging task. 

There can be some overlap between roach droppings and mouse droppings. 

But we’ll tell you about it a bit later. 

For now, let us tell you what roach feces look like. 

Roach feces look like a mix of coffee grains and black pepper. They’re blackish-brown in color and in a slightly oval shape. 

You might smear a fresh roach poop if you step on it. But if you step on a stale roach poop, then it breaks. 

However, roaches also discard their poop as smear marks. Roaches that live in damp places and consume liquid filth, discharge liquid poop rather than solid poop.

You’ll observe a black fecal stain around the roach poop if the roaches have defecated on a wet surface or cotton fabric. 

The size of the roach feces depends on the size of the cockroach. 

Small cockroaches, like the German cockroaches, defecate little poops.

The bigger roaches like American, smoky brown and oriental cockroaches defecate big-size poops. 

The baby roaches of small German cockroaches will leave behind tiny droppings. These little droppings are also known as specs. 

Baby roaches of the bigger roaches will leave droppings that are as big as a grain of wheat. These droppings are cylindrically marked with narrow raised bands.

While looking for roach poop, you may also come across small capsule-shaped casings. 

These are egg casings. It means that the eggs have hatched. 

Cockroach Egg
Roach Egg

Where Do Roaches Poop

You can find roach droppings near their food source, water source, and nests, as we mentioned earlier.

So, the most common places where you can find roach poop are –

  • In your kitchen
    • Inside kitchen cabinets.
    • Top of kitchen cabinets.
    • Near the sink drains.
    • Near the trash bins.
    • Underneath refrigerator, stoves, and dishwasher
    • Near the plumbing area.
  • In your bathroom
    • At the enclosed plumbing area in the bathroom vanity.
    • Behind the cabinet.
    • Behind bathroom tower.
  • In places like the attic and basement.
  • In the cracks and openings on the walls, flooring, and furniture.
  • In areas like drawers, closets, and wardrobe that don’t get much light, and where you keep your fabric. 

How To Clean Roach Poop?

roach poop

It’s essential to clean roach poop. 


There are two reasons for it.

First, roach poop is an asthma trigger. If you’ve anyone at home who’s asthmatic, then getting rid of roach poop is crucial. 

Second, roach poop contains pheromone. Pheromones have specific small that roaches follow. As roaches leave droppings near their food source, so the roach poop can attract more roaches. 

The best way to remove cockroach feces is by vacuuming. 

Vacuum the entire area where you’ve found roach poop. 

Then sprinkle a disinfectant on the surface to get rid of the pheromone smell that attracts other roaches. 

Mouse Poop Vs. Cockroach Poop

Mouse Poop
Mouse Poop

Mouse droppings are small and you can confuse them with roach droppings.

Knowing the difference between the two will give you a fair idea of what’s infesting your home – mouse or roach. 

Mouse PoopRoach Poop
Mouse poop is bigRoach poop is small
Mouse poop has pointed endsRoach poop are oval or cylindrical with blunt ends.
Mouse droppings look blackRoach droppings look brownish-black
Mouse poops have slight hairy bristlesRoach poops are ridged
Difference Between Mouse Poop And Roach Poop


In this post, you got to know what roach poop looks like. 

Plus, you also got to why identifying cockroach feces is so essential in your fight against roach infestation. 

To get rid of roaches, you must know where they hide. Also, you need to know where they’re feeding. 

Roach poop tells you both. Cockroaches leave their droppings near their food source. 

So, spotting roach poop will help you a lot in your fight against roach infestation. 

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