Cockroach Smear Marks – Disgusting Sign Of Roach Infestation

In this guide, you’ll find out the hidden truth behind cockroach smear marks.

Cockroach smear marks, also known as cockroach stains, are the most disgusting sign of roach infestation. 

Many homeowners confuse these smear marks with some ketchup droppings or food stains. 

But after you finish reading this guide, you’ll know the exact reasons for cockroach smear marks and what kind of health risks these stains pose.

Plus, you’ll also find out the right way to clean cockroach smear marks so that it doesn’t attract more roaches. 

Keep reading to know more.

What Are Cockroach Smear Marks?

Cockroach Smear Marks

In the simplest terms, cockroach smear marks are liquified poop or feces of roaches. 

Many roaches don’t poop in solidified form. It’s because the state of their poop depends on what they eat.

Cockroaches, especially German cockroaches and oriental roaches, inhabit filthy places with a lot of dampness and discard their feces as smear marks rather than solid poop. 

That’s because these roaches consume filth which is greasy or pasty.

The smear marks are either black or reddish-brown, and roaches indiscriminately leave them wherever they crawl. 

Yes, roaches are indiscriminate poopers, and they discard on places like your bed, food, upholstery, and even on the walls

However, there’s a high probability that you’ll find the smear marks in places where they nest. 

So, places like basements, crawlspaces, the sink area in the kitchen and bathrooms, the plumbing area, and sewer drains are places where you’d find roach feces or smear marks. 

It’s because, in these places, German and Oriental roaches prefer to nest. And the baby roaches eat the feces of the adults!

Are The Cockroach Smear Marks Dangerous?

Yes, cockroach smear marks pose dangers to your health. 

Both cockroach feces and skin contain pathogens that cause asthma and breathing disorders. 

And the last thing you’d want is a roach walking onto your uncovered food and leaving smear marks on it.

Do The Cockroach Smear Marks Or Poop Attract Other Roaches?

Yes, it does. Roach smear marks and roach feces reeks of a musty stench that attracts other roaches

So, not removing these stains the right way can lead to heavy roach infestation inside your home. 

The stench is because of a pheromone present in roaches that they use for communication.  

How To Clean Cockroach Stains?

The best way to clean the cockroach stain is to use a reliable quality disinfectant on the smeared surface. 

But before that, wash off the surface with lukewarm soapy water. Scrub it well and let it dry. 

Once the surface is dry, pour the disinfectant on the surface and let the disinfectant stay on the surface for a few minutes. 

Wipe the surface with a dry cloth. And then again, wash the surface with lukewarm soapy water. 

If there are smear marks on the fabric, then rub a bit of ammonia or chlorine on the smeared portion. 

Let it sit on the fabric, and then machine-wash the entire fabric in warm water. 

Warm water and chlorine will kill all the germs on the fabric. 

Word of caution – While cleaning the stains, make sure you wear a mark and a glove. The smear marks contain pathogens that can give you breathing problems if you’re sensitive. Also, while cleaning, don’t touch the smear marks or the surface where the stains are.

Please wash your hands once you’re through with getting rid of the smear marks. 

What Does Cockroach Smear Marks Indicate?

Cockroach Feces Stains

Well, it indicates one thing, and that’s roach infestation. 

So, if you see cockroach stains in your home, then be sure that roaches are hiding, breeding, and growing inside your home.

And if you don’t take immediate steps, then the infestation will surely grow. 

Cockroaches are challenging pests to kill. Unless you exterminate them right from their source, cleanse your home with the roach smell, and destroy their nests, roaches come back. 

So, DIY methods of killing roaches are not 100% effective. 

Hence, it’d be best for you to hire a licensed pest controller to do the job. 

A reliable pest controller zero in on the cockroach nests, blocks their entrance points to your home and uses the correct methods to kill roaches hiding in your home.


Cockroach smear marks, or roach stains, are liquified roach poop that roaches living in filthy and damp places discard.

Roaches can leave the smear marks randomly on any place they crawl upon. But you’ll find the most significant number of stains in highly damp areas or near the roach nest.

These roaches eat waste in liquid form, and hence the poop is in the form of stains rather than solid. 

Cockroach smear marks are a clear indication of roach infestation inside your home. And the best way to remove these stains is by using a disinfectant. 

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