Are White Roaches Poisonous?

White roaches or albino roaches are no different than roaches of other types. 

No roach remains white till forever. Cockroaches turn white when they molt or shed their skin. 

And why do they do it? It’s because their skin can’t grow when they grow. They’ve to shed their old skin to let the new skin grow. 

After shedding their old skin, the roaches look white. It takes a few days for the color pigmentation to start before the roaches regain their original color.

So, what do white roaches signify? Are white roaches poisonous?

Keep reading to know more. 

Are White Roches Poisonous?

Are White Roaches Poisonous

You’d get the answer to this question from two different angles. 

When you ask, are white roaches poisonous, you can mean two things – are white roaches’ bite poisonous, and do white roaches carry any diseases. 

Let’s cover each of these angles. 

So, are white roaches’ bite poisonous? 

But before that, you need to know, do roaches bite humans?

The answer is yes, they do. But roaches don’t consider you as a threat. Instead, they can take you as food. 

Roaches can eat human flesh. But when roaches bite you, it’s because they’ve smelled food remnants on your body. 

And they’re curious if that food remnant sticking on to your body makes you edible or not.

So, it’s not you who is attracting the roaches to bite you (like mosquitoes), but it’s the food stains on your hands or legs. 

But here’s a good part. 

Roaches don’t transmit any diseases when they bite you. When a roach bites you, you can feel a slight pinch. 

And the worst after effect you may have is itchy skin or a little red bump. 

If you’re allergic to bug bites, then you may have allergic attacks. But that’s a rare case.

So, are white roaches poisonous (in the context of white roaches biting you)? No, they’re not. 

Now, let’s look at the other part of the question: Do white roaches carry any diseases?

Yes, white roaches do carry diseases. And these diseases are as same as any other roach will carry. 

Roaches carry pathogens that cause asthma, food poisoning, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and many more. 

So, having any type of roaches in your home, irrespective of their color exposes you to serious diseases. 

Therefore, yes, white roaches carry diseases, just like every other roach. And that’s what makes white roaches dangerous. 

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind. 

The shed skin of the roaches also carries pathogens. And shed skin of roaches lying around inside your home is dangerous. 

The Scary Truth About White Albino Roaches Inside Your House?

White roaches inside your home mean only one thing – there’s an active roach infestation in your home. 

White roaches are young roaches. They’ll molt or shed their skin ten to thirteen times (depending on the type of roach they’re) before they become full-grown adults of reproductive age. 

And that happens quite fast. 

Moreover, from where these white roaches came from?

These white roaches have come from active nests in the deep corners of your home that you don’t know yet. 

It means that there are many roaches, breeding, multiplying, and increasing the infestation levels inside your home. 

So, physical sightings of white roaches and baby roaches are a tell-tale sign of an active roach infestation inside your home that is increasing every day.

You can also find tiny white roaches inside your home. These are baby roaches that keep shedding their skin till they reach adulthood.

What To Do When You See White Roaches Inside Your Home?

Now that you know that an albino roach is no unique and their physical sightings are a clear indication of roach infestation, what’s next?

Get on the offensive and kill those roaches

And how can you do that? Either do it yourself or by hiring a pest controller specializing in removing roaches from home. 

We do recommend hiring a pest controller for doing the job. It’s because roaches are one of the toughest pests to kill. 

And unless you’re not eliminating the roaches from their nests, which can be in the hard-to-reach corners of your home or your yard, roaches come back.

Locating nests and finding the source of infestation is critical, and only a licensed pest control expert can do it. 


White roaches are normal roaches with their skin shed. They’re no separate species, and all species of roaches shed, or molt, their skin before they turn into a full-grown adult.

White albino roaches aren’t poisonous. They can bite you, but their bite doesn’t carry any venom. 

However, white roaches carry pathogens. Exposure to those pathogens can cause various diseases, from respiratory disorders like asthma to food poisoning. 

Sightings of white roaches inside your home are a clear indication of active roach infestation. It’d be best if you hire a pest controller to get rid of roaches.