About Us

We’re Mark and Jim, from left to right. Like most serial killers, we look normal. But we’ve a bloody past. A past that we’re proud of.

Let us give you a brief about our murderous past.

Mark And Jim

In our entire lives, we did one thing and only one thing – we murdered pests. And that’s the only thing that we’re good at.

Our pest purge journey started 33 years ago, in Florida. We both saved some money and started a pest control firm. That firm went on to serve more than 7000 homes and billions of pest kills.

We sold the company three years ago because we wanted to languish in our old age. Or in other words, we wanted to retire. Believe it or not, pest control work takes a toll on your health.

But, one day, we asked one thing to ourselves.

Why should we take all that we know to our graves? Wouldn’t it be great to create something that will act as a guide to people like you for killing the pests and protecting your homes.

That’s how the idea of howtomurderpests.com came to our head.

In this website we decided to document all we know, in a way that is doable for you.

From howtomurderpests.com you’ll get to know why bugs enter homes, where they hide, their behavior, the risks they bring, and all the tricks and hacks that pros use to make your home pest free.

Not only that, we’ve revealed some easy-to-do pre-emptive steps that you can follow to stop pests from entering your home.

Is there any better way of pest control than making your home pest-resistant? You’ll have it all in here.

Also, you’ll get to know that for some certain bugs DIY ways don’t work.

For example, bugs like bed bugs, termites, wasps, and hornets are tough to eliminate them on your own.

And it can be risky. Professional best control is the way to get rid of them.

We’re old and we’re brittle. We’re in our late 70s.

We decided to leave something behind that can be useful for you.

How to murder pests is our swan song, or rather, pest song.

We lived our whole lives in pestilence, killing the toughest of the roaches to the slimiest of bugs. And we’re sure that our blog will help you to become a lethal protector of your home and property.

However, please be informed that our advise isn’t a substitute for a professional pest controller’s advise. There are many pests that, over time, develop immunity to pesticides and you should definitely rely on an active professional’s advise.

For any information or inquiries, you can contact us. You can also write directly to garrettsonmark @ gmail.com

Wishing you a pest-free home.

Mark and Jim.

See you inside.