About Us And Our Team

We’re Mark and Jim, from left to right. Like most serial killers, we look normal. But we’ve a bloody past. A past that we’re proud of.

Let us give you a brief about our murderous past.

Mark And Jim

In our entire lives, we did one thing and only one thing – we murdered pests. And that’s the only thing that we’re good at.

Our pest purge journey started in 1988, in Florida.

We both saved some money and set up a mom and pop pest control shop.

That little venture grew and we had the pleasure of purging pests from more than 7000 homes across the state.

We decided to retire and cash out.

So, we sold our company in 2017. Believe it or not, pest control work takes a toll on your health.

But, one day, we asked one thing to ourselves.

Why should we take all that we know to our graves?

There’s so much of misinformation on pest control that we’re utterly disappointed.

So, the idea howtomurderpests.com came to our head.

In this website we decided to document all we know.

In HTMP you’ll find brutally honest advices on which pests should you handle yourself and for which pests, hiring a reliable pest control company is your best option.

When we read advices like “DIY ways to get rid of termites in the house”, we get really sad, and a bit angry.

You can’t get rid of a termite infestation on your own, it’s a proven fact.

And people those who say that you can, we’re sure that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

We didn’t want to limit this site’s scope only to what we know.

The truth is that we don’t know as much as what is needed to help you.

So, we decided to assemble a team of experts who know bugs inside out.

Meet our team…

Thomas Orbert


Thomas Orbert is all about tiny pests. Be it bed bugs or mites, Thomas how these microscopic and elusive creepy crawlies make your home unlivable.

Thomas is a PhD scholar from the University of Slovakia’s Faculty of Natural Sciences.

His research works on effects of insecticides on tiny pests have received more than 100 citations.

In addition to contributing to How To Murder Pests, Thomas is heading multiple research works on microscopic bugs and plant pests.

He is currently based out of Montpelier, France.

Nang Chen Liu

Nang Chen Liu

No one knows roaches better than Nang Chen. His disgust on roaches was so intense that he did in-depth research on pesticide resistance on roaches.

His research became the go-to guide for many pest control companies and insecticides corporation the world over.

Nang Chen provides effective and “unusual” hacks to keep roaches away from your home and prevent them from coming back.

Nang Chen is associated is permanent faculty member of South China University.

He’s also a visiting professor for Universities like Northwest A and F University and Paris Sorbonne University.

Sharon Weiss

Sharon Weiss

Let’s face it, researchers and scientists don’t speak in a way that common people can understand.

And that’s where Sharon comes into play.

Sharon works closely with us to simplify the tough entomological and pest control terms so that you can understand and execute them.

Apart from being a top shelf seasoned editor, Sharon is also a bug enthusiast.

She holds a degree in English Literature from the Cambridge University, UK.

She’s settled in Rochester, New York with her husband and three kids.

From howtomurderpests.com you’ll get to know why bugs enter homes, where they hide, their behavior, the risks they bring, and all the tricks and hacks that pros use to make your home pest free.

We’re old and we’re brittle and in our early 70s.

We decided to leave something behind that can be useful for you.

How to murder pests is our swan song, or rather, pest song.

We lived our whole lives in pestilence, killing the toughest of the roaches to the slimiest of bugs.

And we’re sure that our site will make a lethal protector of your home and property.

For any information or inquiries, you can contact us. You can also write directly to garrettsonmark @ gmail.com

Wishing you a pest-free home.

Mark, Jim, and the HTMP Team

See you inside.