Does Killing A Cockroach Attract More (#1 Scientific Reason Revealed)

Yes, killing roaches and not safely disposing of the dead roaches attract more roaches. Dead roaches discharge secretions, known as oleic acid, which tell other roaches that it’s food. 

So, does that mean you should stop killing cockroaches and let them take over your home?

Of course not.

In this guide you’ll go deeper into why does killing cockroaches attract more roaches. 

You’ll also find out how to dispose of the dead roaches after killing them so that your home doesn’t attract more roaches.

Plus, this guide reveals where roaches hide inside your home and what can you use to get rid of them.

Keep reading.

Why Does Killing A Cockroach Attract More Roaches?

does killing a cockroach attract more

When cockroaches die, they emit a smell, which the entomologists call as “stench of death”.

Dead cockroaches, and many dead bugs, while dead emit a fatty acid known as oleic acid. That smell from the oleic acid signals cockroaches, and many other bugs, that the bug lying there is food.

To prove it, scientists did an experiment. They sprayed oleic acid on a bunch of live ants.

Guess what happened? The other ants ate them.

That same thing happens in the case of roaches. The dead roaches will attract other roaches and many other types of carnivorous bugs like ants, centipedes, and spiders.

Another thing that plays a major role in attracting roaches to dead roaches is the pheromones.

Pheromones are secretions that bugs emit to communicate with each other.

They discharge pheromones when they reach a food source. The other bugs pick up the smell of the pheromones and reach the food source.

The male bugs discharge pheromones during the mating season to attract females. 

So, when you kill a roach by crushing it under your shoes, it’s glands bust and all the guts, fats, and, most importantly, the pheromones splatter out.

How To Stop A Dead Roach Attract Other Roaches?

Disposing of the dead roaches far from your property and cleaning the surface with disinfectants are two ways to stop dead roaches from attracting other roaches.

If you dispose the dead roaches in the trash bins of your home and yard, then over time, those dead roaches will emit the smell which will attract other roaches.

Many homeowners even burry the dead roaches in the ground or burn them. 

But you don’t need to take such a drastic step. All you can do is discard the dead roaches far away from your home. 

The place where you found dead roaches have the elements from the roaches bodies and their smells too, especially when you’ve smashed the cockroaches. 

Leaving those smells, which contain pheromones, will attract other roaches. 

So, clean the surface with a disinfectant or with essential oils like peppermint oil or eucalyptus. It’ll remove the stains of dead roaches.

Roaches hate the smell of these oils, so using them also won’t attract other roaches. 

Why Do Adult Roaches Eat Their Nymphs?

Adult roaches eat their nymphs

Cockroaches are cannibals. As you now know that they don’t shy away from eating their dead. 

They also don’t think twice when to eat their nymphs or baby roaches. But baby roaches are not their first choice to eat. 

Cockroaches can eat anything from organic debris like rotting leaves to decaying flesh.

This eating habit does wonders for the ecosystem.

Roaches eat the waste and release them back to earth, which in turn enriches the soil.

Talk about how roaches benefit the planet. Now you know how!

So under what circumstances adult roaches eat their nymphs? It’s when the food and water sources in a home get scarce.

And that’s the method that pest controllers use when they are in the process of getting rid of roaches. They cut off the sources of food and water. In the pest control world, this method is known as exclusion.

So, when there’s a lack of nourishment for roaches inside a home, roaches start to eat their nymphs, their own eggs, and most disgustingly, their own poop too.

Cockroach nymphs are defenseless against adult roaches.

The nymphs are not fast enough to escape. And their underdeveloped exoskeletons are weak.

That makes these nymphs are an easy target or, in other words, an easy meal.

7 Ways To Eliminate Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

There are two species of common cockroaches in homes. They’re the American cockroaches and the German cockroaches.

Their infestation skyrocket if you don’t take the necessary steps to get rid of them. Here’s what you can do right now to eliminate them from your home in seven steps.

#1 – Deny Roaches The Food And Water They Need To Survive

Food and water sources in your home provide the roaches the nourishment they need to thrive and breed. 

So, you’ll need to begin with deny them these sources.

Clean your kitchen and home of any food crumbs, food stains, and spills. Roaches and many other bugs like ants and crickets feed on these. 

Food stains and spill overs are common in ovens, stoves, and kitchen countertops. Keeping them clean and using a disinfectant to clean them is a proven way to keep roaches away.

Do not let dirty dishes in the kitchen sink lie around overnight. Dirty dishes with food stains certainly attract roaches and ants. 

Keep your trash bins or garbage cans empty. Do not let food waste pile up in your trash bins. And store pet food in tight containers. 

Another important thing is to deny the roaches the moisture they need to survive. 

Damp places like kitchen and bathroom provide them moisture if there are leaky pipes underneath the sinks and leaking faucets.

Fix any water leakages, not just in your kitchen and bathroom but also in places like your yard and around your home’s foundation. 

Many times, roaches hide in the yard under organic wastes before they make a move towards inside the home.

If there’s organic waste and dampness in your yard, roaches and bugs will hide there and it’ll become a source of bugs inside your home. 

#2 – Deny Roaches Hiding Places

Roaches love to hide in clutter and in paper and cardboard boxes. So, clear the clutter in places like basement, attic, garage, and kitchen. 

In these hiding places you’ll come across cockroach smear marks and a distinctive pungent smell which is typical in places where roaches hide.

The cluttered places are also hiding places for rats, spiders, and many overwintering bugs like stink bugs also hide in there.

Get rid of cardboard boxes, piles of newspapers, and books that you don’t need. 

Roaches love dark places to hide during the day. Being nocturnal, they’ll come out from these hiding places to continue their foraging activities. 

#3 – Seal Gaps And Cracks That Are The Possible Entry Points For Roaches And Bugs

Roaches and bugs enter homes through the thin gaps and crevices on your home’s foundation, walls, floor tiles, window frames, and door frames. 

Caulk those gaps with a silicone-based sealant. 

We recommend silicone-based sealants because they’re strong, last for a decade, and most importantly, roaches can’t chew through them.

#4 – Place Cockroach Baits Near The Possible Hiding Places Of Cockroaches

Using cockroach baits are a great way to lure roaches out of hiding and to trap them and kill them.

There are three primary types of cockroach baits available – first, the bait that roaches consume, the second, sticky roach baits, and the third, roach gel baits.

The roach gets stuck on sticky roach bait when it steps on it.

But the sticky roach bait isn’t that effective because it catches only a few roaches at a time. 

It’ll be best to use the cockroach baits that roaches can consume. These baits contain poison, and the roaches die within 2-3 days of consuming them. 

Keep the cockroach baits in places like underneath sinks and inside the kitchen cabinets and food pantries. 

These places are moist and there’s ample food for them to attract them. 

But ensure that you keep these roach baits out of reach of children and pets. 

#5 – Use Boric Acid Traps To Kill Roaches

If you’re reluctant to use cockroach baits, then you’ve a great option. It’s the boric acid. 

Boric acid is a natural roach killer. Boric acid even kills termites. And it’s a great bait station to use to get rid of roaches. 

To make a boric acid roach killer, mix three tablespoons of boric acid with equal amounts of sugar (or flour) and water.

Stir the mixture well. Pour it in a bowl or in a mason jar and keep it in places like under the sinks, refrigerator, washing machine, in your bathroom, basement, and kitchen. 

The sugar attracts the roaches, and the roaches consume the mixture. 

On consuming, the boric acid gets into the roaches’ system and disrupts their digestion system which cause them to die. 

Keep the boric acid trap where you’ve noticed heavy roach traffic.

#6 – Spray Roach Killing Insecticide Sprays On The Roaches

Raid is a reliable and proven insecticide spray that kills roaches. Spray it on the roaches and in the places where roaches hide. 

However, it’s always best to spray it on the roaches and on the places where roaches hide. 

Raid sprays and many other over-the-counter cockroach killing sprays have low residual toxicity.

#7 – Hire A Pest Controller To Eliminate Cockroach Infestation

Roaches are tough bugs to eliminate. And if the cockroach infestation has spread far and wide in your home, then DIY methods won’t help for long.

In a severe cockroach infestation roaches can hide inside the drains, behind walls, and even in places like catch basins. 

These places become the nesting places for roaches. And to eliminate the infestation from it’s source, you’ll need a professional pest controller.

So, Should You Kill A Cockroach?

dead cockroach attract ants

Yes, of course. 

Roaches carry bacteria that can cause diseases. Also, exposure to molted roach skin and roach eggs can cause allergies to many people.

These can also cause asthmatic attacks in asthma patients.

But there are better ways of killing a roach rather than stomping on them. 

You can’t go around chasing every cockroach inside your home to crash it to death. 

Roaches hide in the tiniest of cracks in the deepest corners of your home where you can’t find them. 

The better and long-term solution to keep roaches away from your home is to make your home unattractive to them. 

Here are a few ways to make your home unattractive to roaches –

  • Keep your home, especially the bathroom and kitchen, clean.
  • Ensure there’s no food waste in your home, not even in the trash bins.
  • Keep your yard clean. Your yard is one of the places from where roaches sneak inside. Wood cockroaches also enter your home from the yard.
  • Keep your drains unclogged. Sewer roaches use the drains to get inside your bathroom. 
  • Caulk gaps and cracks in your home’s walls, doors, and windows with a silicone-based sealant. Roaches can’t chew through it. 
  • And, most importantly, ensure there’s no water leakage in your home and yard. Water leakages increase dampness in your home. That attracts roaches and many other bugs.

Roaches also hate the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. 

On top of making your home unattractive to roaches, spraying essential oils like peppermint in your home will emit a smell that cockroaches hate.

That’ll keep roaches away from your home.


Killing a cockroach and not disposing of the dead roach will certainly attract more roaches.

In this guide, you’ve found why it happens and the steps you need to take to prevent it. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to get rid of roaches in your home, then don’t forget to check out our guide on cockroach infestation and it’s solution.