4 Easy Steps To Kill Cockroaches In The Garage Fast

Cockroaches, the toughest creature ever to walk on the planet, have a knack for living and thriving anywhere in your home. 

And it includes your garage. 

Many people believe that cockroaches are more prone to live and hide in your kitchen or yard. That’s true. 

But the reality is that cockroaches can even survive in the unlikeliest places where they don’t even get kitchen or yard-like conditions. 

That’s why the chances are high that there can be cockroaches in the garage and basement.

Thinking that the roaches will remain there and won’t sneak into your home’s essential areas like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen is a big mistake. 

Given the conditions in your garage, which we’ll get to it in a while, roaches can build their nests there, and your garage can be a source of a massive roach infestation in your home.

But, worry not, there’re proven ways to get rid of roaches in your garage. And in this post, you’ll get to know them all.

Let’s begin with the root of a roach infestation in the garage, which attracts roaches in the garage.

What Attracts Cockroaches In The Garage

Cockroaches in the garage

Lack of sunlight, moisture or dampness, nooks and crannies to hide, and garbage in your garage attract the roaches in the garage. 

And the primary sources where the roaches come from are garage drains and from your yard

But if you spot one roach in your garage, should you be worried?

If you clean your garage regularly and your garage is crammed with many things, then chances are the roach is just passing by. 

Don’t try to squish the single roach inside the garage if you see it. The spilled out guts of the cockroach and fats can attract other roaches. 

The best way to deal with it is to kick it out of your garage and then kill it.

But what if you haven’t cleaned your garage for months? It’s emitting a distinctive stench, and it’s full of dust and garbage. 

In that case, physical sightings of roaches are an indication of roach infestation inside your garage. 

Act now, or you’d expose yourself to the risk of roach infestation spreading inside your home.

Signs Of Cockroaches In The Garage

Physical sightings of cockroaches in the garage are a sure shot sign of roaches living and breeding inside your garage. 

But there are other subtle signs that you may ignore, or they don’t catch your attention.

The first sign is a rusty odor that roaches emit. The smell comes out from the roaches’ glands, which also acts as an invitation call for other cockroaches to come and join them. 

If you can smell this odor, then it should alert you of a possible roach infestation. It would be best if you start to look out for roaches in the tight spaces and corners inside your garage. 

The second sign is roach skin and dead roaches. Roaches shed their skin when they’re growing. These shed skin can give allergic and asthmatic attacks to many people if they’re prone to both of them. 

Dead cockroaches in the garage

When roaches die, they’re discarded from their nests by the cockroaches that are alive.

So, if you see a dead roach in your garage, and its body doesn’t look mangled, then there can be a thriving roach nest inside your garage.

Cockroach wings on the garage floor can also be an indication of roaches’ presence in the garage.

The third sign is cockroach droppings or poop. Roach poop looks like a cylindrical pebble resembling a coffee bean. They’re brownish-black in color, and you might come across them in the shelves and corners of your garage.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In The Garage

How To Get Rid Of cockroaches in the garage

To get rid of cockroaches in the garage, you need to follow four simple, easy steps –

  1. Remove dampness or moisture from your garage.
  2. Clean your garage. 
  3. Deny roaches their food source, if any, inside the garage. 
  4. Use roach baits or roach poison to trap and kill the roaches.

And to perform these steps you don’t need any special skills. You can finish all the steps within one hour, depending on your garage’s size and how much stuff is in there. 

Let’s have a look at what you need to do in each of these steps. 

Remove Moisture And Dampness From Your Garage To Rob The Roaches Of Their Basic Survival Need

Cockroaches love moisture. Like bed bugs and termites, cockroaches need moisture to survive. 

So, the first step is to remove one of the primary things that roaches need to survive: moisture.

And how to do it?

It’s simple. 

Check if there’s any water leakage in and around your garage. If there’s any pipeline around your garage, check if it’s leaking water. 

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that there’s no water leakage in your home’s foundation. 

Leakage in the home’s foundation is one of the biggest reasons for pest infestation in many homes, but many homeowners ignore it. 

Damp foundation increases the home’s moisture content, which attracts roaches and all kinds of insects like earwigs and silverfish. 

So, do a sanity check if the pipes around your home’s foundation have any leakage. Also, if there’s stagnant water around your home’s foundation, that raises the moisture level inside your home. 

Remove stagnant water and fill-up the potholes around your home’s foundation and in your yard. It’ll significantly reduce the moisture content of both your home and garage. 

Fix any leaking or dripping faucets in your garage’s washbasin, and also check out the plumbing inside your garage. Any leakage in the plumbing area needs fixing. 

Clean Your Garage To Eliminate Hiding Places Of Roaches

Clean your garage to remove roaches hiding places

Once you fixed the moisture problem in and around your garage, it’s time to up your game. 

And you do it by cleaning your garage. 

Cleaning your garage will expose many places where the roaches are hiding. You’ll see a bunch of cockroaches scurrying out from the nooks and corners of the garage while cleaning.

But you need to focus on two crucial things – cardboard boxes and piles of paper.

Both cardboard boxes and paper piles can be a food source and nesting places of roaches. Cockroaches can eat cardboard boxes and paper piles because they contain starch. Starch can be an energy source for roaches when there’s no organic waste availability like you’ve in the kitchen. 

So, remove all papers, paper piles, and cardboard boxes. If possible, put them in a big disposable bag and seal it. 

By doing it, you’ll be able to corner the roaches in an airtight bag and stop them from sneaking into your home or escape. 

Deny Roaches Their Food Source By Cleaning Garbage Cans

Many people have garbage cans in and around their garage, and they also dump food waste inside their garbage cans. 

Those garbage cans are feasting points for roaches. And flies also lay eggs in these garbage cans, giving you maggots’ problem when these eggs hatch. 

So, empty those garbage cans and clean them with a disinfectant. 

That will deny roaches the waste that they eat.

Also, try to minimize the dumping of food and organic waste in your garage’s garbage bin.

Use Roach Traps Or Roach Poison To Kill Any Remaining Roaches Inside The Garage

roach trap

Time to land up the final blow. 

Roaches are slimy creatures. A few of them can quickly go and hide anywhere in your garage when you’re carrying out the above three steps. 

You don’t want to leave them behind because they’ll multiply, and their numbers will increase again if you do. 

So, layout roach traps in the corners of your garage and in the tight places where cockroaches can hide. 

Make sure you keep these traps at least for a day so that you give enough time for the roaches to come out. 

The roach traps emit smells that indicate the roaches that there’s food nearby. Roaches get attracted to the odor, step on the sticky trap, and get stuck. 

To make matters more sinister for roaches, you can kill one cockroach and put it on the trap. Cockroaches eat their dead kinds, and the dead cockroach on the trap will be like an open feast buffet that the hiding roaches can’t resist. 

You can also use gel bait. All you need to do is put a few drops of roach gel bait every 10-12 feet in your garage. These gel baits are poisonous and will kill roaches once they eat them. 

Alternatively, you can use an anti-roach spray inside your home garage after cleaning. But make sure that you don’t skip any corners and tight spaces inside your garage. 

Prevent Roaches From Entering Your Garage

Once you’re through with getting rid of roaches inside your garage, then you must take measures to stop cockroaches from coming back.

To do it, you need to seal off any gaps, cracks, and crevices in the garage’s walls. Use a suitable quality sealant to caulk the cracks with a waterproof sealant. 

If there’s a gap between the garage door’s lower edge and the floor, then get rid of the gap. 

Garage door seals come in handy to seal your garage door from underneath and keeps your garage clean by preventing the entry of roaches and dirt from outside. 

Roaches can re-enter your garage and your house from your yard or garden. Your yard can be the main source of a roach infestation in your home. 

So, it makes a lot of sense to treat your yard or outdoors for roaches. 

It’d be best for you to hire a reliable pest controller to do the job. It’s because finding roaches and their nests needs experience and skill, which only a licensed pest controller has. 


Cockroaches in the garage can be commonplace unless you make your garage roach-repellent. 

In this post, we mentioned 4 simple steps that you can do right now to get rid of roaches in the garage. 

These steps are –

  1. Remove dampness or moisture from your garage.
  2. Clean your garage. 
  3. Deny roaches their food source, if any, inside the garage. 
  4. Use roach baits or roach poison to trap and kill the roaches.

It’d be best and effective if you follow the steps in the order that we mentioned.