How To Lure A Spider Out Of Hiding In 2 Easy Ways

This is the most comprehensive, and the easiest to follow, post on how to lure a spider out of hiding.

In this guide, you’ll learn two ingenious ways to make spiders crawl out of their hiding places and fall on your trap.

The best part? You don’t need to be or hire an expert pest controller to do it!

Spiders In A Web

Spiders that make web inside your home are easy to spot. 

Common home spiders like cobweb spiders and cellar spiders are visible on the wall corners and the ceilings.

These spiders hang nicely in the middle of their spun web, waiting for a bug or a fly to trap. 

You can get rid of these spiders quickly with a vacuum cleaner or with a broom. 

But what about the ones that don’t spin webs and hide inside your home?

They’re the ones that are the hardest to spot. They hide in tight spots and corners, only to come out of nowhere.

There are three kinds of spiders, which don’t spin a web, and they can hide inside your home.

They’re wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and crab spiders. 

Before we get into the process of luring the spiders out from their hiding places, you should know where spiders hide. 

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Places Where Spiders Hide Inside Your Home

The tricks to getting a spider out of hiding won’t work if you don’t know where they hide. 

Inside your home, below are the 12 familiar places where spiders hide –

  1. In the middle of all the clutter that you’ve got inside your home. 
  2. In the cracks and crevices on the walls. 
  3. Behind the books on your bookshelf.
  4. Behind photo frames hanging on the wall or your wall clock.
  5. Attic.
  6. Cardboard boxes.
  7. Inside your storage room.
  8. Basement.
  9. Workshop area of your garage.
  10. Kitchen cabinets.
  11. Closets or wardrobe.
  12. Plumbing area of bathroom vanity.

Inside your home, spiders choose places to hide that you don’t frequent, receive less sunlight, dirty, and have a bit of moisture. 

Spiders creep into your home from outside your home like a yard or garden.

Outside your home, the spider’s favorite hiding places are foliage, underneath stones and woodpiles, in between vegetation, and in the gaps in your outdoor furniture. 

How To Lure Spiders Out Of Hiding?

How To Lure A Spider Out Of Hiding

The first way to lure a spider is by using bugs.

Yes, bugs or other insects that spiders eat can draw a spider from its hiding places. 

One of the reasons that spiders are inside your home is that they’re hunting other bugs that are in your home.

But how do you get the bugs? 

It’s not that hard. Spiders eat roaches, earwigs, flies, and moths. 

All you’ve to do is keep a piece of cheese or a small amount of cooked meat in the places we mentioned earlier. 

The smell of the cheese or meat will attract the bugs, which will cause the spider to come out of hiding to hunt them. 

If you’ve got a garden or yard, you will find crickets. Crickets are spiders’ favorite meals. 

You can leave a few crickets in the hiding places. Spiders will come out from their hiding places to eat them. 

Once you spot the spider, you swiftly keep a glass jar on the spider to trap it. 

The jar’s rim should be flat on the ground so that the spider can’t sneak out. 

Any jar will do the job, but a transparent jar keeps the spider visible all the time. 

But there’s one problem with this approach. 

You can’t bring in or invite bugs in each area of your home to attract spiders. Also, waiting with a jar to trap them is something that you wouldn’t like to do.  

The approach of using other bugs can work in places like the attic, basement, garage, storage room, and in your bathroom too. 

But what about places like a bookshelf, kitchen cabinets, closet, and behind the photo frames? You can’t keep bugs there to attract spiders.

Bugs are the last things that you’d want in these places. 

But there’s a solution to the problem, which brings us to –

The second way of getting a spider out of hidingpheromone spider traps. 

Pheromone spider traps emit pheromones, a smell that insects emit which alerts the spider of their presence. 

The pheromone spider traps will attract the spiders out of their hiding places. 

Once out, spiders will step on it. The spider trap, being gluey, will stick the spiders on its surface, and the spiders won’t be able to flee. 

The best place to keep these pheromone spider traps is at the hiding places mentioned earlier in the post. 

Spiders like to crawl on the edges of the baseboards of your home. Spiders love to navigate along these edges. So, by keeping these traps there, you’ll increase your chances of trapping a spider. 

Pro tip: Keep pheromone spider traps underneath furniture and in the middle of the rooms before you turn the lights off.

Spiders are nocturnal. Spiders are more likely to crawl into your homes when the lights are off and you’re off to bed. 

Like your home, spiders can also hide inside your cars. You can also use pheromone spider traps inside your car to trap them. 

Best Pheromone Spider Traps

We highly recommend 3 top pheromone spider traps that effectively lure spiders out of hiding and trap them. 

  1. Terro 3200 Pheromone Spider Traps: It’s pesticide-free, without any chemicals, and it also works on other insects. 
  2. Brown Recluse Spider Traps: Highly recommended by researchers in Kansas State University to trap spiders. It’s non-toxic and effective in trapping both brown recluse and black widows
  3. Catchmaster Traps: All in one trap that traps mice, insects, spiders, scorpions, and even fleas. 

How To Make A Homemade Spider Trap

Making a homemade spider trap is easy even for a five year old.

All you need is a duct tape. The broader the duct tape the better.

Now tear a piece of duct tape from the roll. Then join the ends of the duct tape with the adhesive portion up.

Yes, the sticky portion of the duct tape should be up facing up rather than down.

Now keep the duct tape in the places where spiders hide.

That’s it. The spiders will get stuck on the duct tape when they walk on it.

To add more to the deception, keep a live roach or cricket on the duct tape.

The bug will stick on the duct tape. And it’ll attract the spider.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Bed

Spiders hiding in your bedroom can crawl onto your bed. It sounds scary, but it’s easy to keep spiders out of your bed. 

To keep spiders out of your bed, here are a few tips that are 100% effective.

Keep Your Bed Clean To Deter Spiders From Climbing On Your Bed

Food crumbs, oil stains, broken hair, and nails attract spiders. Likewise, a dirty bed attracts spiders and bugs like cockroaches, centipedes, ants, and crickets.

So, the first step is to keep your bed clean. 

Wash and change the bed linens often. Finally, and most importantly, avoid eating on your bed. 

If your bed has storage drawers underneath, ensure that it’s clean too and isn’t clogged. 

Do not stuff your bed’s storage drawers with cardboard boxes and paper. 

Both cardboard boxes and paper have cellulose that attracts bugs like roaches. And the bugs will attract the spiders. 

Vacuum or steam clean your bed, especially the bed frame and the headboard. These are the places where many bugs, like bed bugs, hide. 

So, if there are no food stains and bugs in your bed, spiders will stay away from your bed. 

Use Peppermint Oil Spray To Keep Spiders Away From Your Bed And Bedroom

It’s a proven fact that essential oils like peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil are bug repellers. 

And both of them do a great job of keeping spiders away, especially peppermint oil.

But here’s one catch. 

The peppermint oil has to be 100% pure, cold condensed, and natural extract. 

There are many knock-off peppermint oils mixed with vegetable oils and synthetic fragrances. 

Avoid them. 

All you need to do is add 3 drops of peppermint oil to three to four cups of water. Then, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on your bed. 

Spray it in all the corners of your bed, especially on the bed frame, legs, and headboard.

To keep spiders away from your bedroom, you can spray the mixture in all corners of your bedroom. 

Alternatively, you can also sprinkle some cinnamon powder or keep cinnamon sticks in your bedroom. 

Cinnamon repels spiders and many other bugs.

Do not use spider traps in your bedroom to keep the spiders away. The spider traps will attract the spiders. 

And if they avoid the trap, spiders can hide in your bedroom. 


To conclude, here’s how to lure a spider out of hiding and dispose it –

  1. Know the hiding places of spiders inside your home.
  2. Provide the spiders what they want, which is bugs. 
  3. If you don’t want to use bugs, use pheromone spider traps to get the spiders out of their hiding places. 
  4. Keep the traps in and around spiders’ hiding places. Also, keep them underneath your furniture and in the middle of the rooms before going to bed.
  5. Dispose of the spiders stuck on the spider traps away from your home. 

Remember, spiders are nocturnal insects. So, using the spider traps at night will give you the best results.

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