3 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches

Can roaches come up through the drains?

That’s the question you ask yourself when you come across cockroaches in your bathroom shower or kitchen sink. 

And the answer to the question is a big YES. 

Cockroach in a bathroom drain

The roaches you see coming from the shower drain while you’re in the shower are sewer roaches.

Sewer roaches are common home invaders. They sneakily make their way to your bathroom and kitchen through drains that you can’t seal. 

Sewer roaches are no different than American cockroaches. These roaches came to be known as sewer roaches or water bugs in the state of Arizona, where they’re a nightmare.

But sewer roaches can infest your home no matter in which state you live. The main entry route of these roaches are bathroom and sink drains. 

As long as the drains in your bathroom and kitchen are allowing these roaches to enter, you’ll undoubtedly come across roaches in the bathtub, kitchen sink, and bathroom floor. 

And once they make an entry, be sure that your home is at the risk of a massive roach infestation. 

So, what to do? And how can you get rid of sewer roaches that carry diseases, filth, and scum from the drains?

Let’s find it out. 

Why And How Sewer Roaches Enter Your Home Through The Drains

Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches

Roaches are scavengers. They’re always on the lookout for new sources of food or new places to infest. 

Roaches prefer living in moist places that have a lot of filth. So, sewers and catch basins in your yard attract these roaches. 

Heavy rains can push these roaches to look for hiding places, and places like sewer tanks and catch basins are their best options.

Once inside, they look for a drier place to live, so they tend to follow the drain pipes that lead to your kitchen or bathroom. 

On the contrary, extreme heat outside makes these roaches lookout for places with a lower temperature than outside.

The dampness, darkness, and filth inside the sewers and catch basins provide an excellent escape to these roaches from the heat. 

Then sewer roaches follow the drain pipes from the sewers and catch basins, and they end up in your home. 

Remember that the drain pipes from your kitchen and bathroom lead to sewer via catch basin if you’ve one. 

Sewer roaches (American Cockroaches) are nearly 2 inches in length with a considerably flatter body than other types of cockroaches.

The body shape makes them naturally capable of sneaking through tight gaps and small holes. That’s why it’s relatively easy for them to make their way into your bathroom or kitchen through the drains.

Once inside your home, they look for places to hide. They head straight over to places like kitchen cabinets, food pantry, plumbing area in the bathroom vanity, and small cracks and gaps inside your home. 

These places have enough dampness and food source for the roaches to build their nests and breed. 

Result? A massive cockroach infestation all across your home. 

Do Sewer Roaches Live And Breed Inside The Drains

Sewer Cockroach On Bathroom Wall

Yes, they do. The drains are the perfect place for the roaches to nest and lay eggs. 


Because it’s moist, it’s dark, and a lot of organic waste (like hair, nails) and food waste pass through the drains that the sewer roaches relish. 

The sewer roaches’ living conditions in the drains become better if the drains are clogged, and the water can’t pass through them. 

It means that there’s enough filth inside the drains choking the drains, making the drains more habitable for the roaches. They lay their eggs inside these drains.

When the eggs hatch, you’ll come across many baby roaches popping their heads out of the drains’ holes.

That’s why it’s quite normal to see baby roaches scurrying across the bathroom floor or kitchen that has been lying unused and dirty for quite some time.

How To Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches

How To Get Rid of Sewer Roaches

By now, you know sewer roaches pose a considerable amount of risk of cockroach infestation in your home. 

Unless you act fast, roach infestation will become worse. And roaches are challenging pests to get rid of. 

The steps that we’ll reveal now are the subsets of the entire process of getting rid of roaches. We’ll limit the steps only to the point of getting rid of roaches from the drains. 

Suppose you’re spotting roaches in every room of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen.

In that case, chances are infestation level has increased. We highly recommend hiring a pest controller to get rid of roaches from your home. 

But for now, let’s check out what you can do to eliminate roaches from the drains. 

There are three ways to get rid of sewer roaches from drains – baits and sprays way, the natural way, and by hiring a pest controller.

Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches By Using Baits And Sprays

Using cockroach baits and sprays is the easiest way to get rid of sewer roaches. But it works only when the infestation level is low. 

Cockroach baits are gels that are available in tubes. 

You drop a few drops of gels in corners of the bathroom, near the sinks, and around the drains. The bait attracts the roaches. The roaches eat it and move back to their nests inside the drains. 

Now gel baits have extreme residual toxicity, and it’s very contagious. It means that when the roaches eat it and get back to their nests, they spread it to the roaches that are in the nests. 

The poison of the bait spreads, killing all the roaches living in the nests, including the cockroach that ate it. 

Make sure that you place these drops not too close. The gel bait drops should be at least a few feet away from each other to attract all the roaches hiding in different corners. 

You can also use anti-cockroach aerosol sprays on the drain and in the catch basins. Aerosol sprays are effective when they’re applied directly to the roaches. It kills the roaches instantly.

Please follow the safety instructions mentioned on the gel baits and aerosol sprays labels before using them. And keep them away from pets and children. 

Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches Naturally

Natural ways of killing sewer roaches are effective to a certain extent. But they come with some limitations, especially when you’re using bleach. 

Bleach will kill the sewer roaches in the drain, but you need to use it only once. It’s because bleach is corrosive. Using bleach regularly and excessively will damage the drain pipes. 

Pour one cup of bleach in the drain and open the faucet. Let the water push the bleach deep inside the drain. The bleach will kill all the roaches on its way.

Another way is to prepare a bait by mixing borax, sugar, and flour. Make a few chunks of the mixture and keep it around the drain. 

It works the same as gel baits. The mixture attracts the roaches, the roaches eat it, and when they get back to their nests, they spread it to other roaches. 

Borax has insecticidal qualities that kill roaches. Roaches have a habit of cleaning each other up, and while cleaning the cockroach with borax stuck on its legs and wings, they eat it and die. 

The major limitation is that some roaches might not be attracted to the borax bait when they’re out of the drains. They can go elsewhere and hide. 

DE or diatomaceous earth is also a natural roach killer. But use food-grade diatomaceous earth because it’s non-toxic to humans and pets. 

All you’ve to do is to pour a generous amount of diatomaceous earth inside the drains.

Diatomaceous earth pierces the sewer roaches’ exoskeleton, deprives them of the moisture in their body that they need to survive, and kills them instantly by breaking the exoskeleton. 

But DE doesn’t destroy roach eggs in the nest. If there are roach eggs left inside the nest, then soon baby roaches will hatch out of them. 

Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches By Hiring A Pest Controller

Hiring a reliable pest controller is the safest way to get rid of sewer roaches from your home, especially when all the above methods haven’t been successful. 

If you’re still spotting sewer roaches in your bathroom and kitchen, then you need professional help. 

Delaying hiring a professional pest controller can make the infestation level grow.

And given the speed with which roaches multiply, it wouldn’t be long that the infestation will become severe over time. 

How To Stop Sewer Roaches From Coming Up The Drains

Till now, we spoke about how you can get rid of sewer roaches. 

But wouldn’t it be wise if you take preemptive steps so that sewer roach infestation doesn’t even occur at your home?

Here’s what you can do to nip the problem in the bud by acting wise and early –

Use Anti-Cockroach Drain Covers

There’s no better way to start but to make it impossible for the sewer roaches to pop their head out from the drain holes and enter your bathroom. 

Anti-cockroach drain covers do the job of stopping the roaches from sneaking in. 

Keep a metallic drain cover on the drain hole of your bathroom and sinks. 

Drain covers not only stops the garbage from getting inside the drains but also prevent the sewer roaches from entering your home through the drains. 

Unchoke Your Drains

A choked drain has all the filth, scum, and waste that sewer roaches need to live and breed. 

Clean and unclog your bathroom often drains by using a good-quality drain cleaner. 

An unclogged drain will allow unrestricted water flow, and it’ll wash away any roaches inside the drain pipes waiting to get in. 

Keep Your Bathroom And Kitchen Clean

Nothing attracts roaches more than an untidy bathroom or kitchen. 

Cleanliness is the best deterrent for many pests, including sewer roaches. 

Make sure that you empty the trash bins inside your kitchen and bathroom daily. It’d be best if you don’t allow any trash or food waste, no matter how little, to lie undisposed in the trash bins for days.

Also, make sure that there are no food stains in the kitchen sink. 

Keep Your Catch Basin Clean

Some homes still have catch basins in their yards. 

And catch basins detours water from all the drain pipes to sewers, so the collection of filth in the catch basin is for sure. 

Leaving catch basin unclean can make it a haven not only for sewer roaches but also for mosquitoes

Clean your catch basin often, and you’ll reduce the chances of mosquitoes and roaches entering your home through the drains. 


Sewer roaches are quite a common sighting in many bathrooms and kitchens. These roaches enter your home through the drains, and they even make their colony inside the drain. 

In this post, you got to know three ways to get rid of sewer roaches from your home – the bait and spray way, the natural way, and by hiring a pest controller.

The bait and spray way is effective when the roach infestation is low, but the natural way has its own sets of limitations. 

Sewer roaches are nothing but American cockroaches, and they’re likely to infest not only your bathroom drains but also, when left unchecked, your entire home. 

If you’re not quick to act right on time, then, given the speed roaches multiply, the infestation will spread fast all across your home.

So, did you spot any sewer roach in your bathroom, bathtub, or sink? If yes, contact a pest controller now.