How To Make A Lethal Boric Acid Termite Killer Recipe

Do you want a homemade recipe for killing termites?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll share boric acid termite killer recipe that anyone can make at home.

And that too within 10 minutes!

Boric Acid Termite Killer Recipe

The homemade poison for termites that you’re going to make contains boric acid that might be in your home.

If not, then buy one because boric acid is readily available in the market.

But a word of caution – this is not a permanent termite solution against termites. It works well if you’ve got a minor termite infestation in your home.

If a termite infestation is severe, then contact a termite exterminator immediately.

termite exterminator

Here’s all you need – Boric Acid, warm water, and a spray bottle for making a boric acid termite killer.

For Boric acid, you can buy Borax. Borax is a boric acid powder brand made by the 20 Mules. Borax is a proven and effective termite exterminator.

Here’s how you prepare the boric acid (Borax) termite killer.

Step # 1 – Heat 1-gallon water.

Step # 2 – Pour 17 ounces of boric acid (Borax) in hot water.

Step # 3 – Stir the mixture well till the boric acid dissolves with the water.

Step # 4 – Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step # 5 – Spray the mixture on termite-infested areas of your home.

Step # 6 – Repeat the process every day for a week till you see dead termites lying around the termite infested areas.

How Does The Boric Acid Termite Recipe Kills Termites?

Boric acid or Borax doesn’t kill termite on contact. It takes some time.

Boric acid sticks with the termites’ exoskeleton. The abrasive nature of boric acid destroys the exoskeleton that holds moisture, critical for termite’s survival.

The destruction of the exoskeleton leads to the death of the termites.

The mixture of boric acid and water also spreads from termite to termite.

Termites often lick each other to keep themselves clean.

When the termites that got wet with your boric acid spray move back to their colonies, they spread it to other termites. It eventually leads to the death of other termites in the nests.


The termites in the colonies lick the termites with boric acid on their bodies.

The spray of boric acid and warm water works well to kill termites from indoors, especially from your wooden furniture.

But do you see termite nests outside your home?

If yes, then you can use Borax to kill termites in their nests as well.

All you need to do is prepare some marble-size balls made of Borax, flour, sugar, warm water, and kerosene.

Here’s how you can murder termites nesting outside your home:

Step #1 – Mix 10 oz of Borax with 20 oz of flour, 10 oz of sugar, and warm water.

Step #2 – Add five tablespoons of kerosene to the mixture.

Step #3 – Mix the mixture till it forms a soft dough.

Step #4 – Take some dough in your hand and roll it to form a marble-size ball.

Step #5 – Make balls of similar sizes from the entire dough.

Step #6 – Keep these borax balls on the termite nests. If you can, create a hole in the nest and keep one or two balls inside too.

Step #7 – Change these balls with fresh balls every second day.

Sugar will attract the termites, as sugar has cellulose. Cellulose is the primary nutrient that termites need to survive.

The termites will eat from the balls, and Borax will choke the termites by inhibiting nutrients’ absorption. It will kill the termites.

Spraying mixture of boric acid and hot water is great for getting rid of termites in mulch.

It’s safe for the soil and the plants in your garden because it doesn’t saps the soil of it’s nutrients.

To know more on how termites use cellulose to survive, you can check out the research done by University of Florida.