Here’s Why Bed Bugs Come Out At Night | 3 Reasons, Revealed

There are three reasons why bed bugs come out at night –

  1. Bed bugs are nocturnal
  2. Bed bugs feed on your blood when you’re sleeping
  3. Bed bugs hate the light

Let’s get into each of these reasons to know a bit more.

Bed Bugs Are Nocturnal

Nocturnal bugs like bed bugs perform their feeding activities during the night.

Bed bugs will be in beds and within 6-8 feet distance from where you sleep. So, it’s not only beds where they can hide, but anything in between that range.

Bed bugs come out during the night when the lights are off. 

It’s a trait of most parasitic bugs that rely on human blood to survive. These bugs will come out of hiding when you’re in a deep sleep.

The time when bed bugs normally feed is between midnight and 4 AM. 

But most people experience bed bug bites during this period. 

Bed Bugs Feed When You’re Asleep

A few bed bugs vs. infestation

When you sleep, you release carbon dioxide. You sweat a bit, and your body produces warmth.

All these things are ques for the bed bugs to follow.

Bed bugs find you, or a host for their blood meals, by picking on the ques like carbon dioxide and body temperature. So, bed bugs know when you’re asleep.

These are the things that many biting insects, including bugs like mosquitoes and kissing bugs, use to track you and bite you. 

Bed bugs need you to be completely stationary to have their bloodmeals. 

It’s because they don’t get their bloodmeals on the first bite. 

Bed bugs bite you in multiple places before finding the right spot to draw your blood.

That’s the reason bed bug bites are in clusters.

Bed Bugs Hate Light

Bed bugs have a strong dislike for light. 

During the day, bed bugs hide inside the thinnest gaps and cracks on the walls, headboard, bed frame, mattress, and furniture where the light can’t reach.

If they had their bloodmeals, they’d also be lethargic.

That’s one of the reasons why daytime is the best time to find bed bugs. They’ll be too lazy to get out of your sight if you spot them.

However, hunger can make bed bugs desperate and bite during the day.  

New tenants and owners get bed bug bites during the day when they move into a new apartment or home without inspecting for bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night?

It’s the most common question from people, especially the ones who’re waking up with bed bug bites daily.

The truth is that bed bugs don’t bite every night. They don’t need to feed every night.

Bed bugs bite or feed on blood every 3-7 days. It means a bed bug is in the digestive state most of the year.

So, if you’re getting bed bug bites every night, it makes one crystal clear – there’s a massive bed bug infestation in your home.

There are too many bed bugs in your home. They’re coming out to bite, one by one, when they’re hungry. 

Where To Sleep If You’ve Got Bed Bugs?

Do not change your room. Sleep in the same room where there are bed bugs. If you change your room, then bed bugs will follow you to other rooms.

That’s one of the ways how bed bugs spread from one room to another. And if bed bugs are in one room, they can spread throughout the home. 

But how can you protect yourself from bed bug bites? Let’s find it out

How To Prevent Bed Bug Bites While You’re Sleeping At Night?

Five ways work in preventing bed bug bites. The key is to deny bed bugs access to your skin so they can’t bite.

Use Mattress Casings For Bed Bugs

Mattress casings effectively prevent bed bug bites, especially from those bed bugs hiding in the mattress.

Mattress casings enclose the mattress and deny the bed bugs access to your skin.

Rubbing Alcohol

Spraying a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water within your bed’s 6-8 feet diameter will repel bed bugs. 

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol can even kill bed bugs. But don’t use it without mixing water in it.

Healthline states that rubbing alcohol to eliminate bed bugs is inefficient and dangerous. 

Also, do not use rubbing alcohol on your skin. Small amounts of rubbing alcohol are safe for the skin. But extended exposure to rubbing alcohol can have negative side effects.

Cleaning The Bed Mattress And The Bed Room With A Steam Cleaner

Heat kills bed bugs. That’s why pros use heat treatment to eliminate severe bed bug infestations. 

If you’re waking up with bug bites, do one thing – thoroughly clean your bed with a steam cleaner before bed.

The heat from the steam cleaner will neutralize bed bugs, baby bed bugs, and bed bug eggs in your mattress. 

Change the bedsheets, blankets, and bed cover with fresh and washed ones. And wash the used bed linen in hot water. Hot water will eliminate any bed bugs, their larvae, and eggs.

You can also use the steam cleaner to clean your furniture, dresser drawers, rugs, carpets, and couches in your bedroom. 

That will significantly reduce the chances of getting bed bug bites at night while you’re sleeping. 

Sleep With Minimal Skin Exposure

Bed bugs bite you in ankles, knee folds, elbow folds, neck, and on any places they can they bite.

It’s essential that you sleep with most of your body covered with clothes. Bed bugs can’t bite through clothing.

And sleeping with your clothes on, along with the other three measures, will eliminate chances of getting bed bug bites.