If One Room Has Bed Bugs, Do They All? Yes, It Can!

Bed bug infestation can begin in one room. Most of the time, it starts in the bedroom. 

But, if one room has bed bugs, do they all? Or do they limit themselves to one room for a while?

How do you stop bed bugs from spreading into other rooms?

You’ll find answers to questions like these and to many more.

Keep reading.

Can Bed Bugs Only Be In One Room?

Yes, there can be bed bugs in only one room. But it doesn’t stay like that for long.

Bed bugs travel from room to room by latching onto the things you take out from the infested room.

So, anything you transfer from a bedbug-infested room, like clothing, furniture, books, rugs, carpets, can cause bed bug infestation in other rooms.

When you shift things from the infested room to another, the bed bugs can hitchhike onto those things and spread into other rooms.

And bed bugs will multiply in the other rooms if they’ve access to human hosts in those rooms. 

If One Room Has Bed Bugs, Do They All?

If one room has bed bugs, do they all

The answer is both yes and no. If one room has bed bugs, it can mean that bed bugs have just started in your home.

They’re yet to spread to other rooms.

Also, bed bugs in one room can signify a home-wide bed bug infestation. You’re too late to spot the infestation.

So, if you find bed bugs in one room, it’s always a good idea to check for bed bugs in other rooms. 

Also, you must ensure that bed bugs don’t spread to other rooms. 

Later in the post, you’ll find out how to stop bed bugs from spreading into other rooms.

For now, let’s find out how one bed bug can cause an infestation. 

Can You Have Just One Bed Bug In Your Home?

Yes, you can have just one bed bug in your home.

That bed bug can be the one that has hitchhiked into your home by latching onto things like furniture, cardboard boxes, or clothes that you might have brought from an infested place.

But, it can turn into an infestation if that single bed bug is a female bed bug carrying eggs with her. In most cases, that’s how bed bug infestation starts in a home. 

Within a couple of months, there can be a burgeoning bed bug infestation in your home because of that single bed bug.

So, if you notice a solitary bed bug, even on the wall, it’s always best to kill it on the spot.

Can You Isolate Or Confine Bed Bugs Into One Room?

No, you can’t. If you think that you seal off the bed bug-infested room and bed bugs won’t spread, then you’re mistaken.

With their flat bodies, bed bugs can sneak through the thinnest of gaps. 

They’ll surely get into the rooms where they can get their blood meals from. 

How To Stop Bed Bugs From Spreading Into All Rooms?

There are three ways you can stop bed bugs from spreading into other rooms and prevent a massive home-wide bed bug infestation. 

  1. Don’t move stuff from the infested room to other rooms.
  2. Use a steam cleaner to clean your bed and other soft furnishings in the infested room
  3. Sleep in the bedbug-infested room

Let’s dive into each of them.

Don’t Move Stuff From The Bed Bug Infested Room To Other Rooms

It’ll help if you don’t shift things from the bed bug-infested rooms to other rooms. Bed bugs can latch onto anything you move out of the infested rooms.

And those things include your clothing and fabric that you keep in dresser drawers. It’s because, in a bed bug-infested room, bed bugs in dresser drawers are a high possibility.

Also, don’t let anyone sit or use things from the bed bug-infested room. It’ll be best if you don’t allow anyone to enter the room.

It’ because bed bugs can latch onto the person’s clothes, and the person can spread the bed bugs elsewhere in the home. 

Use A Steam Cleaner To Clean The Bed In The Infested Room

If there’s anything that helps eliminate bed bugs without failing, it’s the heat. And steam cleaners produce heat. 

So, use a steam cleaner on the bed daily till you get rid of the bed bugs thoroughly. 

Steam cleaners can produce heat of more than 120 deg F. That heat kills bed bugs, their babies, and eggs. 

Many experts recommend vacuum cleaners to vacuum clean their bed bug-infested room. It works, but it isn’t practical.


Because vacuum cleaners don’t produce heat. So, they fail to eliminate all the hidden bed bugs and the sticky bed bug eggs.

The vacuum cleaner can also miss the tiny bed bug nymphs.

So, steam clean the bed thoroughly. Don’t miss an inch of the bed, especially the box springs and the headboard.

Be particular about cleaning the seams of the mattress and the thin threading on the bed mattress.

In all these places, bed bugs hide during the day and wait for you to sleep so that they can feed on your blood.

Sleep In The Bed Bug Infested Room

It sounds counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to stop bed bugs from spreading into other rooms is to sleep in the bed bug-infested room.

You shouldn’t sleep in another room if you’ve bed bugs. 

You’ll find out why in a second. For now, you need to take some precautions to prevent bed bugs from biting you.

Steam clean your bed with a steam cleaner before sleeping.

Don’t sleep with all of your skin exposed, and wear creams on your skin that prevent bed bug bites while sleeping.

Also, use a mattress encasement to enclose the mattress. That’ll prevent any bed bug on the mattress from biting you. 

Remember that avoiding sleeping in the bed bug-infested room is a bad idea. 

Why? Well, bed bugs can follow you to other rooms. 

Adult bed bugs are efficient crawlers. They can crawl 4 feet in a minute. And they can cover 100 feet in an hour!

So, if you stop sleeping in the infested room, bed bugs will track you, from the smell of your sweat and the carbon dioxide that you exhale while you’re asleep to the other room.

So, you can sleep in a room with bed bugs if you take the appropriate precautions. 

That also helps in spreading the bed bugs into other rooms.

Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In The Infested Room On Your Own?

Bed bug infestation takes time to manifest. If the infestation level is low, you can get rid of bed bugs on your own without spending a fortune.

However, keep in mind that it can be hard to spot bed bugs during the initial stages of infestation.

So, if you’re getting bed bug bites or seeing signs of bed bugs in the room, it’ll be best to find the bed bugs during the day.

Despite being nocturnal bugs, it’s hard to find bed bugs and notice their signs during the night.

The best time to find bed bugs is during the day

In the daytime, bed bugs hide and remain idle. And you can investigate their hiding places to figure out if the infestation is low.

When the bed bug infestation is severe, you don’t need to look for their signs. They’ll be in all the rooms of your home. 

And the signs of bed bugs will be apparent. 

When the bed bug infestation is severe, you can’t get rid of them on your own. You’ll have to hire a bed bug exterminator to do the job.


If bed bugs are in one room then it can mean your home is overrun by bed bugs. But you’ll have to look for signs of bed bugs to ensure that.

In this guide, you learned how to put brakes on bed bug infestation to spread in other rooms of your home.

You cannot confine bed bugs into one room for long. Unless you get rid of them, bed bugs will soon spread to other room.

In the early stages of bed bug infestation, it’s quite possible to get rid of bed bugs on your own. But when the infestation spreads, you’ve got no option but to hire an exterminator to do the job.