Small Clear White Bugs In The House – Revealed!

During spring and winter, you’ll see tiny translucent bugs in your home out of nowhere.

These bugs are pretty common in homes with a garden or a yard full of plants. 

So, what are these small clear white bugs in the house?

And how do they get inside your home? 

In this guide, you’ll find answers to all these questions. 

Plus, you’ll also learn how to get rid of these tiny white bugs in your house.

Keep reading. 

What Are The Small Clear White Bugs In The House?

Small clear white bugs in the house

The tiny translucent white bugs that you see in your house are wood mites. 

Wood mites, also known as white mites, fall into the category of spider mites that infest and damage plants. 

(In this guide, for the sake of consistency, we’ve used the term wood mites.)

Like spider mites, the wood mites are arachnids.

An adult wood mite is one-fiftieth of an inch long, translucent, white with eight legs. A full-grown adult can also develop black spots on its back.

Baby wood mites only have six legs.

Wood mites got their name from their habit of infesting and living in damp rotting wood.

But, like spider mites, they also damage plants.

The signs of damage that wood mites cause to the plants are similar to the damages caused by spider mites.

It means that you’d notice discoloration of leaves, yellow spots and holes on the leaves and the stems, and eventually, death of the plant.

Sighting of web clusters on the plants is also a common sign of wood mites infestation.

Where Do Small Clear White Bugs, Or Wood Mites, Come From?

Wood mites enter your home from any tiny cracks and crevices on your home’s perimeter.

Plus, you bring them home when you introduce any outdoor plants or firewood with wood mites on them. 

Wood mites also latch on to your clothes and skin while you walk between plants and shrubs with wood mites on them.

So, if you notice tiny translucent white bugs on your clothes and skin, then be sure that it’s the wood mites.

Once inside your home, wood mites will spread fast. 

An adult female wood mite can lay 20 eggs per day in her lifespan of 4 weeks. 

The wood mites’ eggs hatch within three days. The hatchlings become sexually mature within five days of their birth.

Given the wood mites’ tiny size and translucent white color, they can be hard to detect when they’re indoors.

But if you don’t treat your home when their numbers are small, they’re going to spread.

It’s not long that you’ll see them crawling on your furniture, drapes, curtains, carpets, rugs, clothing, and even in your bed.

That’s not all.

When their numbers increase, wood mites start hiding in the plumbing areas, baseboards, bed frames, wooden floors, and electrical outlets.

Given their likeness to damp and moist places, these tiny white bugs or wood mites will also spread in your bathroom and kitchen.

If hydroponic gardens or greenhouses are in your home, then both wood mites and spider mites thrive in these setups.

Signs Of Wood Mites Or White Mites In Your Home?

Signs of small clear white bugs wood mites in house

Before you get into how to get rid of wood mites in your house, it’s essential to confirm their presence. 

If you don’t, then you can choose the wrong treatment that will cause a waste of time and money. 

Here’s how to look for signs of wood mites in your home –

  • Look for signs of damages in your house plants on the leaves’ undersides. You’d find white or yellowish dots and even holes on the leaves. If you look closely you’d also spot crawling wood mites.
  • Look for any web clusters on the leaves and stems of the indoor plants.
  • Look out for white molted skin casings in your home. Wood mites molt or shed their skin before reaching adulthood.
  • And finally, physical sightings of wood mites are a clear indication of their presence. If their numbers in your home have gone over the roof, then it’s pretty easy to see these tiny white crawlies.

Look out for these signs in all the places where wood mites can hide. 

Don’t overlook the gaps in the electrical outlets and the plumbing areas inside your home.

How To Get Rid Of Wood Mites?

How to get rid of small clear white bugs wood mites in home

Thankfully, getting rid of these tiny translucent white bugs in your house doesn’t require any special skills.

It’s so easy that anyone can do it. 

And the best part?

You don’t need to invest in anything to do get rid of them.

Whatever you need to get rid of wood mites, you must be having it in your home right now.

Here’s all you need – 

  1. Dish soap (or any detergent powder)
  2. Water
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Diatomaceous earth (you may need to buy it if you don’t have it)
  5. Vacuum cleaner
  6. Sealant
  7. Caulk gun

Wood mites in the home flock on the house plants. 

So, if you have any indoor plants, the first step should be to quarantine those plants. 

Take it away from the plants that don’t have tiny translucent bugs crawling on the leaves. 

Then spray a mixture of water and soap on these plants. 

Ensure that you also spray on the leaves’ undersides where the wood mites hide.

Spray the mixture on the stem and the web clusters on the plants these mites made. 

The combination of soap and water kills wood mites. 

Some wood mites may drop off on the soil bed of the plant. If you see them on the soil, spray the mixture on them.

In the second step, you’d need to get rid of wood mites from their hiding places.

And the best way to do it is by vacuuming. 

Use your vacuum cleaner and clean the surfaces and places where you’ve spotted wood mites.

Also, cover the electrical outlets, plumbing areas, bed frames, and baseboards. 

Overpopulation of wood mites inside your home can cause wood mites to hide in these areas. 

If you’ve rugs and carpets, vacuum-clean them slowly and thoroughly. 

Ensure that you cover all the edges and the underside of any soft floor furnishings.

After finishing vacuum cleaning of your home, do not dispose of the dust bag inside your home’s or yard’s trash bin. 

That leaves a possibility for the wood mites to get back again.

It’d be best if you dispose of the dust bag away from your home.

Pro tip: Scatter some diatomaceous earth in your home before vacuuming. That’ll kill the wood mites.

And finally, the third step.

Seal any gaps and cracks on your home’s walls, floors, window sills, and door frames. 

It’d be best if you a silicone-based sealant. It’s because silicone-based sealants are the hardest. They can easily last for a decade.

Wood mites in your home is a clear indication there are wood mites in your garden or yard.

So, if you don’t treat your garden or yard for wood mites, then chances are high that they’d be back again. 

Spraying soapy water on your plants in your yard or garden works perfectly fine.

But there are many other long-term solutions to get rid of wood mites outdoors. 

In our post on spider mites, we’ve covered those steps in detail. 

The process of getting rid of spider mites and wood mites in your garden and yard is the same.

Can Wood Mites Live On Humans?

Signs of wood mites in home

No, wood mites can’t live on humans. Wood mites can only live on wood and plants. 

And wood mites don’t bite humans either. They’re harmless.

But their presence at home can cause allergic problems to sensitive people.

Can Wood Mites Jump?

They might. But wood mites are so tiny that you won’t be able to notice while they’re jumping.

Most of the time, you’d find them crawling. 

Some people confuse fleas with wood mites. So, they think that wood mites can jump.

Why Do You See Wood Mites On Deck?

It’s because these small clear white bugs are in your yard or garden.

And the wood of the deck has high moisture. And moisture attracts these wood mites and a slew of other moisture bugs.

That’s why you see the wood mites on the deck. Vacuuming the deck will get rid of the wood mites.

Will Raid Kill Wood Mites?

Yes, Raid for bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites would kill wood mites.

But you’d have to spray on them directly to kill them. 

And you wouldn’t want to spray an insecticide spray on your plants. 

Soapy water works just fine to kill wood mites. And vacuum cleaning does the rest of the job.

Are Wood Mites Springtails?

No, wood mites are not springtails. 

Wood mites are arachnids, and springtails are insects. 

Both are different species.


The small clear white bugs in your house are wood mites, also known as white mites.

On top of that, you also found out how these tiny white translucent white bugs enter your home, where they hide, and how to get rid of them.

To know more about a similar type of mite, spider mite, read our post on signs of spider mites in your home.