Tiny Jumping Bugs In The Bathroom

At the peak of summer, there’s a sudden appearance of tiny jumping bugs in the bathroom. 

They’re black, and with time, when their numbers increase, they’re everywhere in your home. They’re in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even on your bed! 

So, what are these tiny critters that hop from one place to another?

Where do they come from? And what can you do to stop them?

Keep reading to find the answers. 

Tiny Jumping Black Bugs In The Bathroom – What Are They?

The tiny jumping bugs in the bathroom are springtail bugs. It’s a common summertime bug that sneaks inside your bathroom and bedroom.

Inside your bathroom, you’ll find these jumping black bugs on the floor, in the bathtub, and sink. 

Tiny Jumping Bugs In The Bathroom Springtails

Springtails prefer wet and cool areas to live in.

So, don’t be surprised if you find them in your kitchen and laundry room as well. 

Springtails are outdoor bugs that live in moist organic matter in your yard or garden. Their favorite places to live outdoors are mulch and decaying firewood. 

They don’t prefer to live under direct sunlight, so they hide under shaded areas with organic matter. 

You’d find springtail bugs in wet soil beds under plants and shrubs.

The best part is that springtails don’t cause any damage to grown-up plants. 

But they can cause damage to seedlings.


Springtails have a habit of drilling inside the soil and chewing the roots. So, they can damage the roots of the seedlings, causing the seedlings to either fall off or die. 

Springtails’ diet consists of molds, fungs, and decaying plant matter found in damp areas.

Springtails are good jumpers. There’s a tail-like ending, known as furcula, attached to the springtails’ abdomen.

Springtails use the furcula to hoist themselves. With its help, springtails can jump up to a distance of 4 inches. 

As springtails are tiny and they jump, you may confuse them with fleas

When these springtails are jumping around in your bathtub, you may wonder why there are fleas in your bathtub. 

But they’re not.

Springtails are only one-sixteenth of an inch in length. Because of such a small size, springtails might not be visible to you in the bathroom unless their number grows.

Under normal and moist conditions, springtails breed fast. And if you don’t get rid of them when their numbers are small, you’d see them everywhere in your home.

How Do Tiny Jumping Black Bugs (Springtails) Enter Your Home?

Springtails enter your home for only one reason. And that is to avoid the outdoor heat during the summer months.

That’s why there can be a sudden appearance of hundreds of these tiny jumping black bugs in your home when the temperature outside is going north. 

As springtails prefer damp and cooler places, so your bathroom is an ideal place for them to live. 

And how do springtails get inside your home? 

Springtails get inside your home through the cracks in the walls or open windows. 

These small bugs squeeze through the tiniest of cracks on your home’s walls in search of damp places to hide.

If your bathroom has molds and fungus, which is quite common in old homes, they even have a food source. That allows them not only to thrive but also to breed.

Once inside your bathroom, springtails can also move close to the water source. 

That’s why when the springtail infestation is high, it’s pretty common to see them near the water taps in the bathtub, sinks, and in the plumbing and drain areas.

Light from glowing bulbs also attracts springtails. Open windows during the summer months, with a glowing bulb inside, invite springtails inside your home.

How To Get Rid Of Springtails In The Bathroom?

How to get rid of springtails

Springtails are not damaging pests. They don’t cause harm to you or your property. Nor do they carry any diseases. 

But they’re a nuisance and can cause you unwanted stress when they grow in large numbers.

The last thing you’d want is a springtail bug jumping on your food plate while you have your meal.

As a bathroom is a perfect place for them to hide and breed, getting rid of them is essential to stop spreading them all over your home.

To get rid of the springtails in your bathroom, here’s the list of things that you’d need.

  • A dry wiping cloth.
  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • A small pouch bag.
  • A dehumidifier.

Before you begin, take the above four things along with you inside the bathroom, and shut the bathroom door and windows.

It’s an important thing to do, and you’ll find out why in a minute.

As springtails live in wet and moist areas, drying the bathroom lands a significant blow on them.

To dry the bathroom floor, wipe the bathroom floor with a dry cloth. Don’t forget to wipe dry the bathtub, the bathroom sink, and the bathroom furniture.

Pro Tip: Mopping the bathroom floor with a mixture of water and disinfectant will kill many springtails. 

Fix any leaking pipes. If there are clogged drains in your bathtub or kitchen sink, there must be wet organic waste clogging the drains. 

That also attracts springtails. So, unclog the drains. 

During this process, you’ll find many springtails hopping from one place to another. 

Use the vacuum cleaner on the springtails to get rid of them. Ensure that you vacuum all the tight corners in the bathroom, including the plumbing areas. 

A handheld vacuum cleaner works best, as these are more maneuverable and easy to use in tight corners.

If you’ve any potted plants in the bathroom, check for any springtails hiding in the potting soil or on the plant leaves.

If yes then, scoop off the springtails from the soil and put them in a bag.

And finally, use a dehumidifier in your bathroom. 

Dehumidifiers reduce the moisture content in the air and make the home environment dry. That repels not only springtails but also many pests. High moisture content and dampness support not only bugs like springtails but also pests like roaches and termites.

Closing the bathroom doors and windows is crucial while getting rid of springtails. 

It’s because that would stop the springtails from escaping your bathroom during cleaning and hide in other areas of your home.

Once they escape, they can hide in the deepest corners of your home. And despite your efforts to get rid of them, they’ll show up after a few weeks.

In that situation, you’d need a pest controller to get rid of springtails.

So, ensure that bathroom doors and windows are not open while you’re getting rid of springtails in the bathroom.

How To Stop Springtails From Entering Your Home?

Springtails in home

To stop springtails from entering your home, check for any gaps and cracks on your home’s walls, window sills, and door frames. 

If there’s any, seal them with good quality caulk. 

Use weather strippings and door sweeps to stop springtails from sneaking into your home. 

Also, check for any water leakages around your home’s foundation. 

A wet and damp foundation increases the humidity levels of your home. 

It attracts all kinds of insects like earwigs, centipedes, and cockroaches from your yard or garden. 

If there are any water leakages or plumbing issues around your home’s foundation, fix them. 

Also, if there are shrubs, bushes, and mulch close to your home’s walls, then springtails, and pests like termites and roaches, can use them to sneak into your home.

So, it’d be best if there’s no vegetation and mulch along the perimeters of your home’s wall. They’re at least 3-5 feet away from the walls.

A dehumidifier keeps the moisture content indoors low, which stops the springtails and many other bugs from entering your home.

Do Springtails Bite?

Springtails are harmless, and they do not bite humans or pets. They do not carry any diseases either. 

People confuse springtails with fleas because springtails jump. So they think that springtails bite and suck blood like fleas.

That’s a myth. 


The tiny jumping bugs in the bathroom are springtails. Springtails are common in homes with yards or gardens during the summertime.

Springtails live in damp places, which becomes scarce outdoors during the summer months. 

In this post, you’ve found out how springtails get inside your bathroom and how to get rid of them. 

You also found out that springtails aren’t fleas or biting bugs. It’s because springtails can jump and of the same size as fleas. Unfortunately, many people confuse springtails with fleas.

Moisture, molds, and fungus in bathrooms keep the springtails alive and allow them to breed.

Removing these is critical to get rid of springtails. 

There can be other black bugs in your bathroom that you may come across. These are fungus gnats, crickets, and carpenter ants.

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