6 Dangerous Signs Of Termites On Window Sills

If termites have reached your window sills, then it means that your home has a severe termite infestation. It would be best if you act soon to address this impending problem. Else you’re up for some massive damage. 

But how do you get to know that?

Here’re the signs of termites on your window sills

  • Scattered wings of termites around your window.
  • You hear hollow sounds when you tap the window sills.
  • Termite poop.
  • Bumps on the window sills or on the window frames.
  • Mud veins or visible mud tunnels on the window sills.
  • Itching sounds from the window sills

Let’s dive in to each of these signs in detail.

Sign #1 – Scattered Wings of Termites Around Your Window

Signs of Termites on window sills

You’ll find scattered termite wings in your home, especially near the window frames and door frames. 

Termites shed their wings after they have mated and created their colonies.

Termite wings in your home show that you’re sharing your home with a ton of termites.

Termites leave their wings behind once they move on to form new colonies.

But most of the time, it means that they are inside your home, and they’re now targeting other parts of your home or wooden stuff.  

Sign # 2 – You Hear Hollow Sound When You Tap The Window Sills

Another sign is that you’ll find tiny holes on the window sills and window frames. 

Termites have made the holes to dig through inside your wooden window frame.

And maybe, the termites have already inflicted some damage on your window sills or to your entire window. 

How do you access that?

Gently tap the window sill with a hammer. If you hear a hollow sound, then it’s time to act.

That’s a sure thing that termites are inside your window sill, and soon they will make the entire window frame hollow. 

If the infestation is severe, then a gentle tapping on the sill will create a dent or dull on it. 

Sign # 3 – Termite Poop

Termite Poop

Along with the first two signs, there’s another sign that confirms termite infestation. That’s termite poop. 

If you see something like grains of sand, but a bit darker in color, around your window sills or on your floor, then it’s a termite poop. And the poop indicates that they’re feasting on your window sill. 

Don’t confuse termite poop with sawdust.

Sawdust is of the same color, where as termite poop are of varying shades. They’re generally a mix of dark coffee color and light brown color. 

Sign # 4 – Bumps on the Window Sills or the Window Frame

If you see bumps or bubbles on the window sill or the window frame, there can be two reasons – high moisture inside the wood or, yeah, you got it right, termites infestation. 

But bumps are not a sure sign of termite infestation if the first three signs are missing. 

If you see a bump or bubble on the window sill, try picking it with a pin.

If the wood on the window sill is coming out like sand, then there’re high chances of termites being inside. 

Sign # 5 – Mud Veins or Visible Mud Tunnels on the Window Sills

Subterranean termites make and use mud tunnels to enter your homes and get to their food source. 

The mud veins on your window sills are a sure sign that termites are in there. 

To confirm, check your window from outside of your home.

If you see mud tunnels rising from the ground on your wall towards the window, then, well, bad news. Termites are in there. 

Sign # 6 – Itching Sound From The Window Sills

Most people ignore the itching sound because they don’t hear it. 

If you hear an itching or scratching sound coming out of your window sill or from any place at your home, especially during the night, then there’s termite infestation. 

What To Do If You’ve Termite Infestation On Your Window Sills

The best thing is to call or contact a pest control company as soon as possible. 

But there are specific measures that you can take right now to stop termites from inflicting more damage on your window sills.

These steps don’t replace expert pest control measures, but they certainly help you control the termites for a while. 

Step # 1 – Caulk Up The Cracks And Joints On The Window

The first step you can take is to seal the cracks on your window, and in other areas of your home, with a waterproof filler or a sealant. 

Sealing the cracks will disallow moisture from entering into the window sills and window frames. Termites thrive on dampness, and cutting moisture off is the first thing you must do to control termites. 

Don’t forget to mark that place with a marker so that you can tell the pest control guys where you’ve used a sealant. 

Step # 2 – Spray Kerosene or Gasoline on Damp Areas Near Your Window

Kerosene and gasoline are a good termite deterrent. 

You can check out the damp and moist places in and around your house, which comes in contact with your windows or doors. 

Spray some kerosene on those damp places. Kerosene and gasoline create a hostile environment for termites (and other bugs) to breathe and feed. 

Don’t overspray or over pour kerosene on those damp places. Also, put some kerosene, with a syringe, through the holes that termites have created on your window sills. 

Step # 3 – Remove Any Wood That Is Lying Around Your Home

Woods are termite magnets. Remove wood, especially from the outside of your home, lying close to the walls or windows. 

Because from the walls, termites can easily reach the ceiling, floor, and the wooden structural joists of your home.

These woods are generally firewood or wooden building material that may lie around your home for quite some time.

After removing, pour some kerosene or borax on the wood to kill any hidden termites. 

If you’ve termite infestation at home, the chances are high that termites have already destroyed these woods lying outside. 

Step # 4 – Clean The Gutters 

Clean any debris, like dried leaves or broken twigs, from the gutter of your home. Termites love them, and the chances are high that termites will enter your home through your gutter. 

Use something like Lysol to clear your gutter. It’s a good infection. 

Step # 5 – Call Up A Pest Control Specialist

Don’t forget to call up a pest control specialist to exterminate the termites no matter what you do. 


Here are the six lethal signs of termites on your window sills –

  • Scattered Wings of Termites Around Your Window
  • You Hear Hollow Sound When You Tap The Window Sills
  • Termite Poop
  • Bumps on the Window Sills or the Window Frame
  • Mud Veins or Visible Mud Tunnels on the Window Sills
  • Itching Sound From The Window Sills

Termites are nasty home destroyers and cause more than $5 billion of damage annually. We’re sure you don’t want to be a part of it. 

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