How To Get Rid of Spiders In Garage and Prevent Them from Returning

Spiders are beneficial pest controllers in your garden or yard. But they’re unwelcome guests in your garage.

Spiders in garage will breed. They’ll lay eggs, causing the spiders to spread to your living space.

To prevent that, you’ll need to get rid of spiders in the garage.

You’ll now discover the hacks to keep your garage free of these eight-legged creatures.

Hiding Spaces of Spiders in Garage

How to keep spiders out of your garage

Spiders love clutter and dark corners. Look for them in:

  • Inside boxes and behind or underneath furniture.
  • Inside cracks and crevices in the walls, windowsills, and floor.
  • Around pipes and wires.
  • Underneath sinks and appliances

Remember, any tight space is a hiding place for spiders. Also, they can be present in the newspaper rolls or in paper piles.

Signs of Spider Presence

Like any critter in the house, spider leave behind the signs of their presence. Look for these signs:

  • Webbings. The webbing can be on the walls and ceiling. But some spiders, like the black widows, can make their webs near the ground. But not all house spiders spin webs.

  • Physical sighting. There’s no bigger telltale sign of spider presence than seeing them.

  • Egg sacs. An adult female spider lays hundreds of eggs. She bundles them in silken balls, which are known as egg sacs. These egg sacs (small white silken balls) are present in the tight corners.

  • Molted exoskeletons. Spiders shed their skin to grow. So, you’ll find their shed skin, or exoskeleton, in the garage.

Precautions Before Moving into the Offensive

Wear protective clothing to protect yourself from spider bites. Protection also prevents you from making any contact with pesticide and inhaling dust.

But you don’t need any fancy things. Wear gloves, face mask, shoes, full trousers tucked in the socks, and full-sleeved shirt.

Fighting and Winning Against Spiders in the Garage

How to get rid of spiders in garage

Vacuum Clean Garage To Remove Spiders

Vacuum cleaning is a simple and effective way to get rid of spiders and spider webs.

Take your vacuum cleaner and give your garage a thorough cleaning.

It’ll remove spiders, spider webs, dirt, and any other insects hiding in the garage.

Don’t skip over the tight spaces behind and underneath furniture and storage boxes.

Take the vacuum cleaner dust bug out. And put it in a plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag to prevent any spiders from escaping the bag.

Dispose of the sealed plastic outside your property.

Insecticide Sprays

Use any spider spray, such as ortho home defense, on any adult spider that you might see on the garage.

It’ll kill the spider on contact.

You can also use the insecticide sprays on the spider egg sacs to neutralize them.

Scatter Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a natural insect killer. It is made from fossilized algae and planktons.

Apply a thin layer of DE in your garage, especially in the cracks and tight corners.

Let it sit for half an hour to do it’s work.

After waiting, vacuum clean the garage to remove the DE and dead spiders and insects.

DE enters the spider bodies by penetrating their exoskeletons. Upon entering, it absorbs the body fluids and moisture.

That triggers an internal dehydration, which causes the spiders to die.

Wear a mask while applying it. And ensure that it’s out of reach of children and pets.

These are the three ways to get rid of spiders in the garage. But the real trick lies in the prevention techniques.

Preventing Spiders in Garage

Not letting the spiders to creep inside the garage and in the home is the best way to avoid spiders.

Here’s how you can do it without breaking a sweat.

Cleanliness and Decluttering are the Keys

Spiders love cluttered and dirty spaces. Clean your garage often.

And reorganize your garage to delcutter your garage. Throw away unnecessary items, especially cardboard boxes.

It’s always a good idea to have breathing spaces between storage boxes to reduce clutter.

Use Natural Spider Repellents

White vinegar, peppermint oil, cedar oil or chips, and citrus scents keep spiders away.

You can use any of the above items as a spray in your garage.

It’ll keep your garage smell nice (but white vinegar will make your garage smell acidic). And the scents will keep spiders and bugs away.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repellers is debatable. But there are scientific studies that claim these ultrasonic devices keep spiders away.

The ultrasonic pest repellers produce sound waves that humans can’t hear. But spiders can pick them up and they stay away.

Sealing Cracks in the Garage

Cracks on garage windows and doors are entry points for spiders. And the crevices on the garage walls, floor, furniture, and ceiling are their hideouts.

Caulk them with a reliable sealant. I recommend silicone-based sealants because they’re sturdy. And bugs can’t chew through them.

Check for any cracks near the piping area and foundation. And seal them too.

Proper Storage

Store items in sealed airtight containers. Loose container lids allow spiders to slide through and hide.

Reduce Light Sources

Try keeping the garage turned off when you’re not using the garage.

Glowing light bulbs attract bugs and flies. These bugs draw spiders because spiders hunt and eat bugs.

Reduce Moisture or Dampness

Moisture attract bugs. And the bugs will attract spiders.

Leaky pipes cause moisture to spread to the walls and floor, turning them damp.

So, fix any water leaks in the sinks and pumps.

You can also install a dehumidifier in the garage if you live in a humid or tropical climate.

Studies suggest that maintaining a 50% or lower humidity do not attract insects.

Keep Sticky Traps

Place commercially available sticky traps in strategic locations. These sticky traps will lure and trap spiders any hiding spider.

But, this can be cruel and may not be suitable for everyone.

And you’ll also need to handle the trapped and dead spider in a right way to dispose it.


Most common house spiders are harmless. And I’d recommend compassion while dealing with them.

But venomous spiers like the brown recluse and black widows can also hide in the garage. And these spiders can bite while you’re getting rid of them.

Hire a pest controller if the infestation is severe. Or if you can’t do it yourself.

The best way to deal with the spider problem in the garage is the prevention techniques I mentioned.

These techniques won’t let spiders enter your garage or living space.

Spiders in the garage can also sneak inside the car. Read our guide on how to get rid of spiders in car here to know more.

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