How Do Termite Granules Work?

Do termite granules work? Yes, they do.

Research has shown that there’s a massive reduction of termite foraging and infestation in homes once homeowners started to use termite granules.

In this post, we’ll tell you how termite granules work, on what species of termites it works, and how to apply termite granule to protect your home from termite infestation.

Plus we’ve also answered a few commonly asked questions on termite granules.

Sounds good? Let’s check it out.

Do Termite Granules Work

What Kind Of Termites Do Termite Granules Kill?

Termite Granules are the most effective subterranean and Formosan termites. It also works against dampwood termites.

It also works against dampwood termites.

Termites granules are meant for termites that come out of the ground and live underneath the ground.

So, termite granules are ineffective against drywood termites that live entirely off the ground.

How Do Termite Granules Work?

Termite granules disintegrate when exposed to moisture.

On disintegrating, the termite granules excrete a chemical, Imidacloprid, on the soil’s surface.

When subterranean termites come out of the ground, they expose themselves to Imidacloprid. The exposure leads to the termites’ death.

Where Can You Use Termite Granules?

You must use termite granules only outdoors. Here are some of the places where you can use termite granules –

1. Around the perimeters of your home or foundation.
2. Near the fences.
3. Mulch
4. Grass lawn beds.
5. Around Trees.
6. Garden or Yard.
7. On or near rotting lumber.

Termite granule works best on bare soil. If you use it on concrete or wooden floors, then it’s ineffective. 

How Should You Use Termite Granule?

Sprinkle termite granules on bare soil. Pour some water on it.

Make sure you don’t flood the granules. A little bit of water till the granules turn moist is fine. Termite granules are only meant for outdoors, not for indoors.

Is Termite Granule Safe For Your Plants And Trees?

It is. Termite granule is even safe for grass if you sprinkle them on a lawn grass bed.

Is Termite Granule Safe For Pets?

Certain brands are. For example, we highly recommend Bio-advanced Termite Granule. It’s safe for pets when applied according to the directions on the labels.

But make sure not to expose your pets to dry granules. Termite granules are safe for pets when they’re watered and allowed to dry.

Once dry, pets can safely roam around on the dehydrated termite granules.

Is Termite Granule Is A Cheaper Alternative To Termite Control?

No, termite granule isn’t an alternative for termite control.

It will not make your home termite-free. It’s meant to ward off the termites from infesting your home.

Termite granule kills the worker termites that are the first to infest a home or property.

It also eliminates the winged or reproductive termites that can be present during the initial phases of infestation.

Suppose your home has a severe level of termite infestation. In that case, we recommend hiring a pest control expert rather than relying solely on termite granule.

For How Long Termite Granules Work?

One application of termite granule is useful to last for one year. For best results, use termite granules at the beginning of spring.

Then re-apply during the next spring.

Can You Use Termite Granule On Attic?

No, you can’t. You can only use termite granule on bare soil. Termite granules won’t work on furniture either.

Will Termite Granule Work On Rock Yards With The Gardening Tarp Underneath?

It will. But if the tarp is waterproof, the poison from the granule will wash away.

Will Termite Granule Kill Termites on Tree Stump?

Yes, it will. And it won’t affect the tree stump.

Will Termite Granule Kill Termites Immediately?

Yes, it will. But remember, it’s a temporary solution that you must do once or twice a year.

Termite granules are not a permanent solution against termites.

What’s The Best Termite Granule?

We highly recommend Bio-Advanced 700350A Termite Granule. It kills the termites on contact above the soil and the ones that are below the soil’s layer.


Termites granules are a great preventive measures for keeping termites away from your home.

In this post, we’ve answered how do termite granules work, and many other questions related to termite granules.

So, if you’re a savvy homeowner then using termite granules right away around your home would reduce risks of subterranean termite infestation.

Research on termite granules

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