Kill Weevils In Bathroom In 5 [Easy]Steps

Why are there weevils in the bathroom if they’re not bathroom bugs? What brings them there?

And how can you get rid of them?

In this guide, you’ll find answers to all the above questions. 

And that’s not all. You’ll also find out tiny bugs in the bathroom that you’re more likely to see than weevils. 

There’s also an easy-to-follow five-step guide to get rid of these bathroom bugs. 

Keep reading to know more!

Why Do You see Weevils In Bathroom?

Weevils In Bathroom

As we said, your bathroom is not where weevils want to be. Weevils are pantry pests that infest food grains and cereals in your kitchen pantry.

So, why you see them?

There are three reasons for weevils in the bathroom –

  • Weevils are accidental bathroom intruders.
  • Weevils fly into your home to lay eggs in your kitchen and pantry.
  • Weevils larvae were present in your home, and now they’ve turned into adults. 

Let us explain. 

Weevils, black and brown in color, fly in from the outdoors, looking for a place to lay eggs. They prefer to lay eggs where there’s an abundant food supply for their future larvae.

And their larvae eat food grains and cereals. 

So, their first go-to place once they’re inside your home is your kitchen and pantry, where they can find these foods.

Open food jars, loosely packed dry food items like cereals, dry fruits, and cereals are what they look for to lay eggs upon. 

When the eggs hatch, the larvae from the eggs eat these food items. And that’s the reason you’d see broken or half-eaten food grains in your food grains or cereals jars. 

The worst part of the infestation is that these larvae even defecate on these foods.

The larvae turn into pupae. Pupae is a cocoon they build to lock themselves till they come out as an adult. 

And once they’re out as an adult, the first thing they want to do is breed. 

So, you’d find weevils in your bathroom when they’ve moved into your looking for a place to lay eggs. Or they’ve come out from their pupae and looking for a mate. 

In either case, weevils are accidental intruders to your bathroom. Weevils are attracted to light, so the bathroom light can also attract them. 

How to Get Rid Of Weevils In Bathroom?

It’s perhaps the most straightforward task that one can ever do. 

All you’ve to do is spray an insecticide on them, and they’d die.

To prevent them from entering your home, install window shields with finer mesh. Open doors and windows are the prime entry points of weevils inside your home. 

Also, artificial lights attract them. So, weevils are most likely to enter your home after or during sunset. 

But getting rid of weevils in the bathroom is only a half-baked approach if you don’t get rid of them from your kitchen and pantry. 

Check out our guide on getting rid of pantry pests from your home.

You’ll find the exact step-by-step process that many homeowners used to get rid of pantry pests like weevils, rice moths, and flour beetles.

Tiny Bugs In Bathroom

Unfortunately, some bugs are more likely to infest your bathroom than weevils. 

Your bathroom has a high dampness level and has organic waste like hair and nails that bugs feed on. 

Plus, there are cracks and crevices in your bathroom that provide them ample opportunities to hide.

These bugs are tiny, and most of the time, you’ll come across them as small black flies in the bathroom. 

But there are many crawlers and hiders too. In this section, we’ll reveal them all. 

And at the end, you’ll also find out the ways to get rid of bathroom bugs, step-by-step.

Tiny White Bugs In Bathroom

If you see tiny white bugs in your bathroom, then they’re mold mites. They can be tan-colored too. 

Excessive dampness and moisture inside your home cause molds, which attracts these mold mites. 

Tiny Brown Bugs In Bathroom

Silverfish in bathroom

If it’s brown, small, has antennae on its head, and looks like a shrimp, then it’s silverfish

Silverfish love bathrooms. They breed there and feed on bathroom waste. 

The worst part about silverfish is that they’re the perfect food bugs like centipedes, ants, and roaches. 

So, silverfish can attract these bugs.

Tiny Red Bugs In Bathroom

Clover mites in bed

These tiny red bugs in the bathroom are clover mites. They’re small, and people at times confuse them with bed bugs. 

Clover mites inhabit shrubs and bushes close to your home’s perimeter. 

Once they enter your home, they look for damp places to live. That’s why your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and basement attract them. 

Tiny Black Bugs In Bathroom

Many a time, you’d find tiny black bugs flying around or hopping from one point to another in your bathroom.

These bugs are flies.

And the most common flies in the bathroom are drain flies, fruit flies, and gnats

So, how do these tiny black bugs get into the bathroom? 

There are two sources – clogged drains and open windows. 

Clogged drains are full of scum and organic waste that makes it perfect for drain flies to breed and lay eggs.

But that’s not all. Clogged drains are one of the main reasons for sewer roaches to infest your bathroom. 

Fruit flies and gnats are more of yard flies. They inhabit decaying organic matter in your yard or garden and lay eggs on soil beds. 

Artificial light inside your home attracts these tiny flying black bugs into your home. 

And once they’re inside your home, they look for places like indoor plants, cat litter boxes, and trash bins where there’s decaying organic matter. 

How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Bathroom?

There’s a two-prong approach to get rid of bugs in the bathroom. First, get rid of moisture in your bathroom (and in your entire home), and second, unclog the drains. 

If your home has a high moisture content, then it’ll attract all sorts of bugs. Unclog drains are where many bugs like drain flies, sewer roaches, mosquitoes, and centipedes, nest.

Here’s how to get rid of bugs in the bathroom in 5 easy steps –

Step#1 – Unclog And Clean The Drains Of Your Home To Kill Hiding Pests

Clean and unclog the drains in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and basement. 

And the best way to do it is by using a mixture of white vinegar and hot water. The mixture is effective not only in cleaning and unclogging the drains but also kills any hiding bugs. 

You can also pour bleach into your drains. Bleach is an effective pest killer.

But don’t do it more than once or twice. 

Bleach is corrosive and can destroy the drains if you use it often. 

Step#2 – Fix Any Leaks In Your Bathroom And Home To Reduce Moisture Content

Water leakages in the bathroom, kitchen, and around your home’s foundation are one of the prime reasons for high moisture content inside your home.

The higher the moisture content, the more prone your home is to attract bugs. 

So, fix any leakages. Check out the plumbing area underneath the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen.

Those are the places that leak a lot. 

Step#3 – Seal Cracks And Crevices In Your Bathroom To Deny Hiding Places To The Bugs

Use a reliable quality sealant to caulk the gaps and cracks on the bathroom floors and walls. 

Bugs use these cracks to hide. And sealing these cracks will prevent water from seeping underneath the floor. 

It’ll help in reducing the moisture and humidity content inside your bathroom. 

Also, it’d be best if you use a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels inside your bathroom and home. 

Step#4 – Spray An Insecticide Inside Your Bathroom To Kill The Bugs

Use a safe spray in your bathroom to kill any bugs and mosquitoes inside your bathroom. 

But before you use, read the safety instruction carefully.

Step#5 – Install Window Shields To Prevent Bugs From Flying Into Your Home And Bathroom

All the bathroom bugs that you know by now are attracted to lights. 

So, install a window shield with finer mesh to prevent them from flying in. A smaller mesh ensures that it obstructs tiny bugs like gnats and fruit flies from entering your home. 

Wrapping It Up

Weevils are one of the probable pests that you can come across in your bathroom. 

But they’re more likely to be in your kitchen and pantry than in your bathroom. It’s because weevils pantry pests and infest dry food grains and cereals. 

If you see weevils in your bathroom, then their presence is accidental. To kill them, all you need to do is use an insecticide spray. 

But sightings of weevils in the bathroom have their roots in your kitchen. You need to get rid of weevils and other pantry pests from your kitchen. That’s the key to remove weevils from your home.

In this guide, you’ve found the most common tiny bugs in the bathroom that you can come across. 

Also, there’s a detailed five-step guide to get rid of them fast. 

Follow those steps, and you won’t ever have any bug problems in your bathroom.