How To Remove Ants From Carpets In 4 Easy Steps

Ants in carpets and rugs are common if there’s an ant problem in your home. 

Not to mention, food droppings on the carpets also attract ants. 

In this guide, you’ll find out why ants are on your carpet. And how to remove ants from the carpet in the four most effective steps.

You’ll also find out that why using ant sprays on the carpet might not be a good idea.

Keep reading. 

How To Remove Ants From The Carpet?

  1. By vacuum cleaning the carpet
  2. By using insecticide dust
  3. By using boric acid, borax, or diatomaceous earth
  4. By using ant baits

Let’s dive into each of these methods to find out how they help you get rid of ants in the carpet.

Vacuum Ants Out Of The Carpet

Vacuum cleaning will remove most of the ants in the carpet. Slowly vacuum clean the carpet without skipping the corners and edges of the carpet. 

Then flip over the carpet. And vacuum clean the carpet’s undersides. 

On flipping over, you’ll notice ants scurrying on the floor. Some might even get inside the cracks and gaps in the floor. 

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor too. 

Vacuum cleaning the carpet, the carpet’s undersides, and the floor is essential before using any insecticides. Vacuum cleaning will remove most of the ants in the carpet. 

Dispose of the vacuum dust bag with ants far away from your property.

Use Insecticide Dust

Insecticide dust will land a double whammy on the ants that escaped the vacuum cleaning. 

To ensure that the insecticide dust works with maximum effect, scatter some dust on the floor where the carpet was.

Then keep the carpet the way it was, in the same place, and scatter insecticide dust on the carpet.

Let the insecticide dust rest on the carpet and the floor underneath the carpet.

Insecticide dust work when bugs encounter them. It gets into the ants’ system and kills them.

But the best way to use insecticide dust is not to use heavy dust layers. Insecticide dust work when you apply them lightly. 

If you use too much insecticide dust, then it may act as a repellant. That will cause the ants to hide elsewhere in your home.

That’s why you must wait a bit for the insecticide dust to take effect. 

Insecticide dust has residual toxicity that helps to eliminate the ants from the carpet and the floor hours after scattering it.

You must also scatter insecticide dust underneath the carpet. The dust will penetrate the thin gaps and voids on the floor, killing the ants hiding in these places.

Vacuum clean the carpet and the floor underneath the carpet to remove the insecticide dust and the dead ants in the carpet. 

Use Boric Acid, Borax, Or Diatomaceous Earth

Boric acid, borax, and diatomaceous earth are natural ant killers. They work in the same way as the insecticide dust do.

But they take a bit longer than the insecticide dust to kill the ants. 

Both boric acid and diatomaceous earth act as desiccants. They penetrate the exoskeleton of the ants and absorb the fats and moisture inside the ants’ bodies.

They also mess up their nervous and digestive systems.

Scatter either boric acid or diatomaceous earth on the carpet and underneath the carpet on the floor. 

But with these, the more you use, the better. 

Wait for a couple of hours. Then vacuum clean the carpet and the floor to remove the boric acid (or diatomaceous earth) and the dead ants.

Remember to dispose of the vacuum dust bag outside of your property. 

If you dispose of the vacuum dust bag in the trash bins of your home or yard, then ants can come out from there and re-enter your home.

Keep Ant Baits On And Near The Carpet 

Ant baits draw the hiding ants out, and the glue surface of the bait entraps them. 

You can keep ant baits on each corner of the carpet. And you can keep a few near the carpet on the floor too. 

Keeping some food, like a cube of sugar or peanut butter, in the ant baits will also help attract the hiding ants. 

There are also pheromone-based ants available that you can use. Pheromones are chemicals that bugs emit to communicate with each other when they find a food source.

So, the smell of the pheromones from the ant bait will draw the ants and entrap them. 

Keep the ant baits for 24 hours. And dispose of the ant baits with ants stuck in them. 

Keeping ant baits is essential for ant control in your home. It’s because no matter how much insecticide sprays or dust you use, there will be some ants that will escape.

The ant baits ensure that it catches the ants that escape. It goes a long way in reducing the ant infestation in your home. 

Why Are There Ants On Your Carpet?

How To Remove Ants From Carpet

Food deposits on the carpet and high moisture content in the floor attract ants to your carpet. 

Ants are scavengers that feed on the food stains and crumbs in fabric, including carpets. And if they find them in your carpet, ants will get onto your carpet too. 

The other reason, which is graver than a dirty carpet, is that there are ant colonies on the floor underneath the carpet.

Ants build colonies in hollow or rotting structures. And if your floor is full of moisture and shows signs of decay, then ants will nest on the floor too. 

Ants will come out of the colonies they made on the floor, searching for food. And they’ll get onto your carpet. 

Ants can also infest floors and show up on your carpet even if you live in an apartment

So, you must check your floor for ant infestation if you notice ants in your carpet. 

How To Keep Ants Away From Your Carpet?

Ant repellants like peppermint spray and cinnamon essential oils are the best way to keep ants from the carpet. 

You can also use a spray by mixing white vinegar and water to keep ants from the carpet. But don’t use this mixture if your carpet is made from natural fabrics like wool and silk. 

The acidic nature of vinegar may harm your carpet if made from natural fibers.

If your carpet is expensive and made from wool or silk, then dry cleaning is the best way to keep the carpet clean. 

And a clean carpet is vital for keeping ants away. 

Also, ensure that you vacuum clean your carpet and rug regularly, especially when you’ve got pets.

Fleas from your pets can drop off and land on your carpet. And that can lead to fleas on the carpet and floor too.

Should You Use Ant Sprays On The Carpet?

Refrain from using ant sprays on the carpet because most ant sprays have low residual toxicity and they can leave stains on the carpet.

Those stains can be harmful for children and pets.

It’ll be best to use insecticide dust or diatomaceous earth and vacuum cleaning the carpet after the usage.

But wear a mask while using insecticide dust or diatomaceous earth because you can inhale them. That would be risky for your health.

Does Vinegar Kill Carpenter Ants on Your Carpet?

No, vinegar doesn’t kill carpenter ants. Vinegar, especially white vinegar, is an excellent ant repellent rather than an ant killer. 

We don’t recommend using vinegar on the carpet.

Vinegar is an acid that can damage your carpet, especially when your carpet is made of cotton, wool, fur, or silk. 

It would be best not to use any liquid to get rid of the ants from your carpet. 

But you can use white vinegar to clean your floor to keep the ants away.

Mix some white vinegar with water before you mop the floor with it. It’ll act as a good ant repellent. 

Does Cornstarch Kill Ants?

It’s a big myth that cornstarch kills ants. Cornstarch doesn’t kill ants. In fact, it attracts ants. 

Many people will sprinkle cornstarch on their carpets only to see the opposite effect. It attracts ants rather than killing them. 

Don’t use cornstarch on your carpet to kill the ants. It’s a wrong approach. 

What’s The Long Term Solution To Get Rid Of The Ants?

ant nest

If you’re having a severe ant-infestation, then taking the help of a pest control specialist is a long-term solution, of course. 

But you can also do your bit to tackle the problem if you see ants showing up in your home often. 

Ants don’t make nests inside your home.

Generally, they come from your garden or yard.

Look for ants’ nests in your yard.

You will find them near your doors or windows because they can’t stay far away from your home if you see them inside your home often. 

You can also find ants, especially fire ants, in your grass lawn. 

Spot their nests and use ant powder or boric acid powder on the nests.

It’s an excellent way to get rid of the ants straight from their source. 


Ants showing up on your carpet can be a common sight if there’re food, milk, or sugary juices droppings on your carpet. 

You can get rid of these ants from your carpet in four steps:

  1. By vacuum cleaning the carpet
  2. By using insecticide dust
  3. By using boric acid, borax, or diatomaceous earth
  4. By using ant baits

However, ants in the carpet is a symptom of a bigger problem, which can ants in the floor or an ant infestation in your house.

You must do a thorough inspection of your house to find out the source of ants in your home.