How To Get Rid Of Weevils In Bathroom Without Chemicals

Vacuum cleaning the bathroom or using natural bug killers like diatomaceous earth kill weevils in the bathroom. 

In this guide, you’ll go deeper into the reasons for weevils in the bathroom. 

And you’ll also find multiple options that are easy to execute to eliminate weevils in the bathroom. 

Keep reading. 

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Reasons for Weevils In Your Bathroom

The reasons vary depending on the weevil species. 

The black vine weevils, which are outdoor bugs, are accidental intruders. They sneak inside the bathroom through the cracks in the walls and windowsills

Black Vine Weevils In Bathroom
Black Vine Weevils

Bringing potted plants with black vine weevils can also introduce these tiny black bugs indoors. 

Rice weevils, dark brown with yellowish spots, enter bathrooms from your kitchen. 

The rice weevils have fully developed wings, and they can fly. So, if you live near a grain house facility, rice weevils can fly inside your home and bathroom. 

Rice Weevils In Bathroom
Rice Weevils

Rice weevils are grain pests that live and lay eggs in the stored grains of your kitchen pantry. 

Failing to get rid of these rice weevils from your kitchen causes their population to explode. And they spill over to other areas of your home, such as the bedroom and bathroom. 

Rice weevils also prefer moisture or damp areas. So they can gravitate to your bathroom from your kitchen.

Eliminating Weevils In The Bathroom

You don’t need chemical insecticides to kill weevils in the bathroom. You can quickly get rid of them by following any one of the following steps.

Vacuum Clean Your Bathroom

Using your vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to eliminate weevils in the bathroom. 

Vacuum clean the bathroom to remove all the dirt and weevils.

Weevils can hide in the gaps and cracks on the bathroom floor, walls, and underneath fixtures such as the bathtub and bathroom sink.

So, you shouldn’t skip these areas while cleaning.

After cleaning, safely dispose of the vacuum dust bag so that the weevils inside don’t return.

Then, follow it up by cleaning your bathroom with soapy water.

White Vinegar Spray

White Vinegar Spray Kills Weevils

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar spray and water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. 

Use the mixture as a spray on the weevils so that it makes direct contact with the weevils.

The acidic nature of white vinegar kills weevils. And the smell of vinegar also prevents them from returning because weevils hate it.

Scatter Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is like dust and contains fine, sharp particles known as diatoms. These diatoms are fossilized plankton.

They get inside the body of the bugs and kill them by absorbing their bodily fluids and moisture.

Scatter a generous amount of diatomaceous earth in your bathroom. Ensure you also pour DE underneath the sink, bathtub, and behind bathroom furniture.

Diatomaceous earth isn’t an instant bug killer. It takes some time.

So, wait for a couple of hours. Then, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dead weevils. 

Preventing Weevils In Your Bathroom 

Sealing the cracks on the bathroom windows and walls prevents the black vine weevils from accidentally intruding into your bathroom. 

You’ll need to get rid of rice and grain weevils from your kitchen so that they don’t spill over to other areas of your house.

Spraying bug repellents, such as peppermint oil or white vinegar spray, in the bathroom also helps keep weevils and many other bathroom bugs away. 

And I can’t overemphasize more on the importance of keeping your bathroom clean and controlling the moisture inside the bathroom to prevent weevils and bugs.

Dampness attracts many moisture bugs that hide in the bathroom. It also causes molds and fungi in the bathroom. 

These molds are food sources for many bugs that make your bathroom their hideout.

So, control the moisture in your bathroom by fixing leaky pipes and faucets. 

Clean your bathroom with soapy water regularly so molds and fungi don’t form on the shower grout, walls, and bathroom fixtures.

You can also keep sticky bug traps in your bathroom to lure and entrap any weevil hiding in your bathroom. 

Weevils Don’t Bite

Weevils are harmless insects, and they don’t bite. 

They bring some risks, depending on the species. For example, rice weevils feed on the stored grains and lay eggs.

These eggs will produce rice weevil larvae, which feed on the stored grains, leave their fecal matter behind, and shed skin. 

Their presence can cause damage to stored foods. 

Pesticides For Killing Weevils In Bathroom  

You don’t need any pesticides to eliminate weevils in your bathroom. 

The methods that I gave you are enough to get rid of them. However, it’s best to repeat these steps a couple of times a week till you stop noticing weevil activity in your bathroom. 

Pyrid aerosol sprays and pesticides containing permethrin and bifenthrin kill weevils. But you don’t need them to eliminate weevils in your bathroom and kitchen.

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