5 Helpful Bugs That Eat Fleas

Bugs That Eat Fleas

It’s a wrong belief that your home won’t have flea infestation if you don’t have a pet. 

Out of all the homes we treated for fleas, at least 40% didn’t have any pets. 

A yard or a garden, both are possible hiding places for fleas, especially if you’ve a lot of plants and vegetation.. 

As a simple experiment, wear cotton trousers with your socks and walk through the vegetation in your garden. 

If your garden has fleas, then you’ll see many fleas hanging onto your trouser. And yes, fleas can bite through clothing, unlike bed bugs.

Moisture and vegetation are two life supports for fleas till they have their first blood meal.

There’re many ways to get rid of fleas from your yard. One of the methods is to have some bugs that eat fleas. 

These flea eating bugs are helpful for your garden and help eliminate many garden pests. 

So, here are the five bugs that eat fleas. 


Earwigs are scary looking bugs, but they’re helpful bugs to keep your garden free of pests, including fleas. 

Earwigs hunt and eat bugs smaller than them. And given their pinchers at the back, they’re also efficient bug killers. 

If you spot any earwigs in the garden, we always recommend not to kill them unless they’re in large numbers.

They don’t pose any infestation threat to your home, garden, or yard because they don’t make in colonies, and they don’t multiply fast like other bugs.

But do keep in mind that earwigs also eat flower petals. 


Nematodes are useful for both flea control and termite control. 

Nematodes are microscopic worms that are helpful for outdoor bug control. 

Nematodes are easy to use. 

You need to plow the soil in and around the areas where fleas hide. Make the ground wet by sprinkling some water.

Then mix a packet of nematodes with water in a lawn sprayer. And spray the mixture on the plowed soil. 

The wet soil will absorb the nematodes, and they will start looking for bugs like fleas, termites, weevils, and caterpillar larvae. 

The best time to use nematodes is around sunset because nematodes don’t work well under direct sunlight. They’re photophobic. 


No matter what the insect or bug is, spiders will eat it if it’s smaller than the spider’s size. And they love to munch on fleas too.

So, if there’s a spider in your yard or garden, think before killing them. 

Spiders eat insects, and they pose no threat to your plants. Having a few of them in your garden goes a long way to eliminate fleas.

Praying Mantis

Like spiders, praying mantises are insect eaters. They have an appetite for fleas too. 

Praying mantises don’t pose any threat to your yard or garden. And they’re harmless to humans and pets as well. 

Praying mantises love to hide in between lush vegetation and tall grasses, where fleas hide. One praying mantis is enough to eat way all the fleas living in your yard or garden.


Ladybugs are voracious flea eaters. They not only eat fleas, but they also finish off other bugs like aphids, mealybugs, and leafhoppers.

The only problem is that they multiply fast. A handful of ladybugs can multiply in thousands within weeks. 

But, fortunately, they don’t harm plants or flowers. Let a few ladybugs live in places where fleas hide. They’ll finish off the fleas in a matter of few days. 

One Flea Eater That You Must Avoid

Fire ants eat fleas too. But they are destructive to your home, garden, and yard. 

Fire ants can eat roaches, termites, fleas, and all the other pests that pose a threat to your home and property. But they’re themselves a threat. 

Fire ants are harmful to plants and trees. They’re omnivores, so along with fleas, they also eat plants. They are also known to destroy plant seeds. 

Fire ants bite humans, pets, and they have a habit of nesting in and around wire junction boxes. It causes damages to electrical wires, plugs, and telephone wires. 

So, there are some bugs that you can use to your advantage to get rid of fleas without being bothered of any damages. 

But do we advise you to bring these five bugs that eat fleas inside your home?

No, they’re only suitable for your yard or garden where fleas hide before they get into your home.