3 Steps To Find Bed Bugs During The Day (Fast)

It’s frustrating to wake up with bed bug bites only to find out that there are no bed bugs around.

After having their blood meals, bed bugs retreat to their hiding places during the day.

In this guide, you’ll find out where bed bugs hide during the day. You’ll also learn how to find bed bugs during the day and draw them out from their hiding places in three steps

Plus, this guide also reveals some do’s and don’t’s while finding the bed bugs during the daytime.

And a much more. Keep reading.

Do Bed Bugs Come Out During The Day?

Bed bugs hide during the day. You won’t see bed bugs crawling on the bed or couch at the daytime.

During the day, bed bugs will hide in the tight gaps on places nearby their host’s location.

So, the cracks and gaps on the bed frames, box springs, mattress seams, and even the furniture near the bed are their hiding places.

That’s why you can’t find bed bugs anywhere despite waking up with bed bug bites in the morning.

But not able to spot bed bugs during the day can be a blessing in disguise. You’ll be able to hone-in to their hiding places and catch them unaware.

How to do it? Let’s find it out.

Here’s How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day In 3 Steps

  1. Get ready with the tools and brighten up the room
  2. Zero-in on the hiding places of bed bugs
  3. Unearth the hiding bed bugs

Let’s get into each of them.

Get Ready With The The Tools And Brighten The Room

Bed bugs are tiny biting bugs that hide during the day. So, finding them can be tricky if your room is dark.

Hence, begin with brightening up the room. Remove curtains and drapes and turn on the lights.

The tools you’ll need to find bed bugs during the day are a magnifying glass, a credit card, a torch, or a headlamp. 

We recommend a headlamp as it’s easy to focus on a particular area while keeping both of your hands-free to use.

Zero-in On The Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t hide beyond 6-8 feet from where you sleep. So, in addition to hiding in the bed, they’ll hide in places like –

  1. Dresser drawers
  2. On the edges and inside covers of electrical switches
  3. Soft upholstered furniture like accent chairs and couches
  4. Carpets and rugs 
  5. Tiny gaps and cracks on furniture and wooden floor
  6. Headboards and footboards
  7. Behind photo frames and wall décor

Look For Bed Bug Tracks In Their Hiding Places

Your next step is to find signs of bed bugs or bed bug tracks. These signs are subtle. 

If the infestation level is low, it can be hard to spot these signs.

But in the case of heavy infestation, the symptoms of bed bugs in your home will be apparent.

Here are the bed bug tracks that you’ll notice in their daytime hiding places –

  1. Live bed bugs
  2. Bed bug shells
  3. Bed bug eggs
  4. Baby bed bugs or nymphs

On the bed mattress, bedsheets, pillows, and pillow covers, signs of bed bugs include fecal spots of bed bugs and blood stains too.

But during the day, bed bugs won’t roam around freely on your bed. They’ll hide and wait for you to sleep.

So, it’ll be best to look for bed bugs in the places where they can hide during the day.

Bed bug bite marks on the body, which look like zigzag itchy red welts on the skin, also indicate bed bugs in your home.

Most of these bed bug tracks won’t be visible to the naked eye. So, you’ll need to use a magnifying glass to see them.

Nymphs or bed bugs look like minor bed bugs, but they’re transparent. 

These nymphs turn into tiny red dots after the blood meal. So, keep on the lookout for these baby beds in those hiding places.

Bed bug eggs can be hard to spot. They look like minute white specks of dirt. And they’re sticky too. 

Bed bug shells are the casted-off exoskeletons that bed bugs discard when they molt. Bed bugs molt or shed five times before they reach adulthood.

Molted bed bug skin
Bed Bug Shell Or Molted Bed Bug Skin

These bed bug shells look like hollow bed bugs. The bed bug shells are stale brown. 

Pro Hack To Find Bed Bugs During The Day: Take a credit card and insert it into the gaps of furniture and floor. Slowly pull the card out. If there are bed bugs in the cracks, you’ll notice nymphs, bed bug shells, and eggs sticking on the card.

Here’s a video that gives additional hacks to inspect for bed bugs.

What To Do After Spotting Hiding Bed Bugs During The Day?

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate, and most DIY ways to get rid of them if the infestation is heavy.

So, call a bed bug exterminator for a basic inspection of your home to determine how severe the bed bug infestation is.

However, you can also use some stop-gap arrangements to eliminate these hiding bed bugs you discovered.

Use a bed bug spray on them. At least it’ll kill them on contact. 

But do keep in mind that sprays and bug bombs can have a reverse effect on parasitic bugs like bed bugs and fleas.

Though both kill bed bugs, they make these bugs hide deeper and elsewhere in your home. But we don’t recommend using bug bombs.

Bug bombs are dangerous and they don’t help much in eliminating bed bugs in your home.

But there’s a more effective alternative. And it’s the steam cleaner.

Bed bugs can’t withstand the heat from the steam cleaner. So, use the steam cleaner in the places where you unearthed hiding bed bugs. 

The heat from the bed bugs will kill the adult bed bugs and their nymphs and destroy bed bug eggs.

Bed bugs cannot withstand heat as much as they can withstand cold.

So, if you put the bed bugs in a plastic bag and put the plastic in a freezer for 48 hours, the bed bugs inside the bag will die.

Another instant bed bug killer is rubbing alcohol.

Spray rubbing alcohol, also known as Isopropyl Alcohol, on the places where bed bugs hide. Rubbing alcohol will kill the bed bugs on contact. 

But using alcohol on a mattress can leave stains and an alcohol smell on it.

So, it’ll be best to use a steam cleaner on the soft furnishings and bed mattress.

Do Bed Bugs Feed Every Night?

A single bed bug feeds only once in two-three weeks. So, a particular bed bug don’t feed every night.

But if you’re getting bed bug bites every night, there are multiple bed bugs. It also shows that the infestation is getting severe each passing day.

Bed Bugs On The Walls During The Day

Bed bug can come out during the day. You might see a few of them crawling on the walls.

Now that’s a bad sign. Sightings of bed bugs during the day is an indication that the infestation has gotten worse. And they’re looking for other places to hide.

But there’s a catch. Those bugs crawling on the wall can be swallow bugs too. Swallow bugs are bed bug look-alikes.

Swallow bugs are parasite on swallow birds. And if these birds have nested in your property, then they can fall off from the nest and hide in your home too..

Do Bed Bugs Bite Only Come Out At Night?

Yes, bed bugs only come out at night to feed. Bed bugs are nocturnal bugs.

The sweat and carbon dioxide that you exhale while you’re asleep attract bed bugs to you.

But in rarest of cases, bed bugs can bite during the day.

Bed bugs can bite you during the daytime if they’re starving for months in home.

That’s a few people who move into a new home or apartment, which has been lying vacant for months, with bed bugs in it experience bed bug bites during the day.

When Are Bed Bugs Are Most Active?

Bed bugs are year-round pest. It’s a wrong notion that bed bug activity decreases in winters.

However, the peak of bed bug infestation is from June to late October. That’s the time when bed bug infestation spread fast.


To find bed bugs during the day you’ll need to –

  1. Get ready with the tools and brighten up the room
  2. Zero-in on the hiding places of bed bugs
  3. Unearth the hiding bed bugs

This guide also reveals where bed bugs hide and why you shouldn’t use any bug bombs to eliminate the hiding bed bugs.

These hiding bed bugs will come out at night, because bed bugs are nocturnal, to get their blood meals. And they’ll bite you.

To know more on how to stop bed bugs from biting you, read our post on what can you put on your body to prevent bed bug bites.