How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day In 7 Steps Without Fail

Finding bed bugs in the daytime is tricky because of their tiny sizes and unthinkable hiding places.

But it’s easier to read the bed bug signs during the day than at night because you can quickly spot those signs.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to find bed bugs during the day with the hacks that we professionals use.

These proven techniques work without fail if you accurately find bed bugs’ hiding places by tracking the signs of bed bugs.

How to do it?

Let’s find it out.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During The Day?

Bed bugs in mattress seams

Any tight spaces or thin gaps and crack within your bed’s 6-8 feet radius can be hiding spots for bed bugs.

Bed bugs hide near their hosts. More specifically, they prefer to hide near the place where the blood meal is easily accessible.

So, before finding bed bugs, you must know where bed bugs hide in the daytime after feeding on human blood.

Here are the most common hiding places for bed bugs –

  1. Mattress seams
  2. Box springs
  3. Cracks on the bed frames
  4. Cracks on the headboards
  5. Nearby furniture like dresser drawer joints
  6. In the gaps on bed posts
  7. In the wall cracks
  8. In the floor cracks
  9. The soft furnishings in the bedroom, like carpets and couches
  10. Inside electrical receptacles and outlets

These are the top places where you’ll need to look out for bed bugs.


You’ll find it out in a minute.

But before that, let’s find out what signs you need to look out for finding bed bugs during the day.

Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

How to find bed bugs during the day

Bed bugs hate the bright lights of the daytime. So, bed bugs retreat to their hiding places.

But they leave behind signs that can help you track bed bugs during the day.

There are seven signs of bed bugs that you’ll notice in or near the hiding places.

These signs show up as per the intensity of bed bug infestation.

The signs are easily detectable when there’s a bad bed bug infestation.

However, those signs are difficult to see when the infestation is early. But that’s a piece of good news!

Bed bug infestation takes time to manifest.

But if you catch the infestation early, then you can get rid of bed bugs on your own.

Here are the signs of bed bugs that you’ll need to look out for –

  1. Adult bed bugs inside the hiding spots
  2. Bed bug fecal matter
  3. Bed bugs casings or shells
  4. Bed bug eggs
  5. Baby bed bugs or nymphs
  6. Blood spots on bed sheets and pillows
  7. Bed bug bites

Bed bugs bite while you’re asleep.

Bed bugs find you and bite you by tracking the carbon dioxide you release during sleep.

So, the bed bug bite marks on your skin should be enough to make you go hunting bed bugs during the day.

7 Steps To Find Bed Bugs During The Day

  1. Look out for bed bugs and their signs in the mattress seams. Bed bugs can snuggle into the folds of the mattress seams without getting detected.
  2. Bed bugs love to hide in the box springs. Remove the box spring cover from the box spring’s underside. And inspect for bed bug infestation in it.
  3. Look for bed bugs in the thin gaps and cracks on the bed frame. Also, check the screw sections on the bed frame. 
  4. Inspect the gaps on the headboard for bed bugs. Bed bugs will sneak inside the gaps on the headboard because it’s easier for them to retreat there after the blood meal.
  5. Do a thorough inspection of dresser drawers, nightstands, and side tables near beds. Bed bugs will hide in them during the daytime, especially when the furniture is close to the bed.
  6. Check the electrical outlets, wall cracks, and wooden floor beams. When the infestation is serious, bed bugs hide in these places too.
  7. Insert a credit card or a thin cardboard piece inside the cracks. And slowly pull it out. If bed bugs are inside the crevices, you’ll notice bed bug eggs, nymphs, and bed bug casings stuck on the card.

You’ll need a magnifying glass and a flashlight while looking for bed bugs.

Signs like bed bug eggs, nymphs, and bed bug casings can be difficult to spot with the naked eye.

Check out the short video below to find out how to implement the above steps with more precision.

What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs During The Day?

Now that you’re sure that you’ve got a bed bug problem in your house, you’ve two options.

Call a pest control company for bed bug control or take measures to prevent the bed bugs from spreading and stop bed bug bites.

You can prevent bed bugs from spreading into other rooms by not taking anything out of the infested room.

You may inspect other rooms by following the six steps you just learned.

Use mattress encasements and box spring covers to prevent bed bug bites.

Mattress encasements and box spring covers prevent the bed bugs hiding in these places from accessing your skin.

That greatly reduces the chances of bed bugs biting you.

Both help keep other insects in bed that bite, for example, fleas and chiggers, off you.

However, there are many other steps that you can use to prevent bed bug bites.

But there are two things that you must never do when you see bed bugs in your room or house.

First, don’t use a bug bomb to kill bed bugs. Bug bombs make the bed bug infestation worse.

Bug bombs are risky and they’ve have limited reach. They also trigger bed bugs to hide in other rooms of your home.

Second, don’t use any fogger sprays to eliminate bed bugs. It has the same effect as bug bombs.

Instead of using sprays and bombs, use sticky bed bug traps, which are also known as bed bug interceptors.

Trapped bed bug in a bed bug interceptor

Bed bug interceptors are passive traps that don’t lure bed bugs. But they entrap bed bugs when they try to pass over them to reach you to draw blood.

Keep a trap under each leg of your bed.

The bed bugs who want to crawl onto your bed from the bed frame or bed posts will get stuck on the traps.

Can Bed Bugs Bite During The Day?

Yes, bed bugs can bite during the day, especially when starving.

That’s why many people get bed bug bite marks on their bodies when they move into a new apartment or home with an infestation.

The starving bed bugs, and baby bed bugs, will come out of hiding during the day to feed on the human blood.

Also, if you work nights, and sleep during the day, then bed bugs will bite you during the daytime.

Bed bug bite marks in the form of clusters because a single bed bug can bite you multiple times before it finds the vein to draw blood.

Are Bed Bugs Active During The Day?

As nocturnal bugs, bed bugs rarely come out during the day.

If you’re seeing bed bugs during the day, your house’s bed bug issue has worsened. The bed bug infestation is serious.

In other words, the bed bug population inside the house has skyrocketed.

You must contact your local pest control company asap because bed bug infestation spreads fast.

A single female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs.

Bed Bug Eggs

She can lay up to 7 eggs per day. These eggs take only 7-10 days to hatch.

The baby bed bugs that come out of the eggs also bite.

And they bite more than a single bed bug does because the nymphs or baby bed bugs need frequent bloodmeals to grow and molt.

The exterminators can recommend a mix of heat treatment and chemical pesticides to eliminate bed bugs in your home.

What Are The Reddish Stains On Your Bedsheet?

The reddish stains on your bedsheets and pillow covers are the blood splashed out of the bed bugs.

This blood is their host’s blood that bed bugs feed while they’re asleep.

Your body weight can crush some of the bed bugs on your bed.

The blood in their belly will splash out and cause stains on your bed.

These blood stains can also be visible on the couch cushions and carpets if there are bed bugs in these places and they’ve fed on your blood.

You’ll also notice tiny blackish-red dots on the bedsheets, bed frame, and other furniture cracks where bed bugs are hiding.

These dots are bed bug feces as they feed only on human blood, so their poop is liquid.

And the fecal matter dries up on the surface where bed bugs discharge them.

Identifying Bed Bugs Correctly

How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day

Many tiny bugs in bed look like bed bugs.

An adult bed bug looks like an apple seed. The female bed bug is a bit bigger than the male bed bug.

They’re dark brown with an oval body shape.

However, the baby bed bugs are tiny pearly white, and translucent.

When they feed on the blood, they look like tiny reddish dots because you can see through them.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Research has shown that bed bugs don’t spread any diseases.

Bed bugs only bite. And that’s enough for many people to spend a ton of money to get rid of bed bugs.

So, a bed bug infestation is dangerous for your wallet.

Depending on the size of the home, the national average bed bug control costs can reach up to $4000-$5000.

Despite high costs, bed bugs don’t go away with one treatment.

Professionals pay follow-up visits to track bed bugs and perform follow-up treatments until they remove them.

But if the treatment is not thorough, bed bugs can come back even after three treatments.

Many homeowners notice bed bugs returning after a year because they made the wrong choice of a bed bug exterminator.


Bed bugs hide during the day. These are nocturnal pests that come out of hiding places to feed on human blood.

This guide revealed how to find bed bugs during the day using seven steps that work.

But to ensure those steps work, you’ll need to zero in on places where bed bugs hide during the daytime.

To find bed bugs during the day, look for them in –

  1. Mattress seams
  2. Box springs
  3. Cracks on the headboard, bed frame, floor, baseboard, walls, and furniture
  4. In the gaps between walls and electrical outlets.
  5. Soft furnishings like couches, carpets, and rugs

Many homeowners also hire canine inspection services to find bed bugs.

The dogs are trained to spot the musty odor of bed bugs. They detect the places where bed bugs are hiding by picking up the bed bug smell.

Bed bugs hate light. But don’t think bed bugs won’t bite if you sleep with the lights on.

Bed bugs can bite you during the day. They can also bite you if you sleep in a bright room.